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Central Fla. Meet

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  1. Sewer Guy
    This post is to gauge interest in a meet in Clearwater, Fl. Thinking mid march.. Can supply the meeting room free of charge; there would be a nominal charge for lunch. Let me know of your interest. Will post a firm date as soon as there is appropriate feedback. The meet would be on a Saturday. All types of equipment is welcome.
    Bill Wilson
    The meet is Sat. March 18th. 
    It is at 1099 Mc Mullen Booth Rd., Clearwater, Fl. 33759
    It will run from 10 a.m. til 5 p.m.; in the 3rd. floor meeting room.
    Lunch will be assorted 1/4 sub sandwiches & several types of soft drinks. $7.50.
    The use of the room is free.
    For further details PM me.
  2. mrarroyo Contributor
    Hi Bill, hope you are doing well. Depending on the date I would be interested. Shoot me an email, cheers!
  3. N0sferatu
    local Tampa guy....as long as I had a 2 month lead time and I can request the weekend off I would be interested.
  4. danieldpagan
    I would be coming from Orlando. The drive isn't bad for me so I'm sure I would go
  5. Sewer Guy
    I have settled on Sat. March 18th. It will run from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. Further details by Feb. 14th.
    Bill Wilson
  6. AncientSw0rd
    I might be able to make it, do you have any further details?

    I'm in the Orlando area as well.
  7. N0sferatu
    I work at 5 PM on the 18th so as long as it's not far from me (Tampa area) I might make it out.
  8. Sewer Guy
    We are just across the Courtney Campbell 3 blocks up Mc Mullen Booth Rd. in Clearwater.
  9. Sewer Guy
    I will be demonstrating pre equalizers to enhance the frequency response of headphones. There will also be a demo. of a new phono pre amp for Moving Coil cartridges; featuring an electronically balanced input & passive equalization. Have a hi end head amp w variable output impedance selection.
    If you can make it, you will not be disappointed!
  10. N0sferatu
    What will the likely head count be?  PM me an address.  Anything particular to bring?  I'm up in Tampa Palms area.  I have the equipment listed in my signature.  
    Audio-GD FUN
    Fostex TH-900 (modded new pads, internal dampening, etc.)
    Sennheiser HD600 (HD650 cable)
    PC Software / Phone Software tweaks (pleasantly surprising sources on both ends)
  11. mrarroyo Contributor
    Hi Bill, I will confirm when I check room availability this weekend. 
  12. danieldpagan
    If I go I will bring my Ether Flows. Would love to try the TH-900
  13. N0sferatu
    Ether Flow C?  I'm curious about those too as someone wanted to trade me those for one of my other pairs of headphones I recently sold.  It didn't pan out.  My TH-900 are modded so we'll have to swap them out for a little bit.
  14. danieldpagan
    I had them for a week and returned them. I thought they were trash on my DP X1 which my open Flows sound fantastic on but at canjam I heard the C flows again and they sounded way better on some amps so I might give them another shot but for now im still unsure about them.
  15. N0sferatu
    Fair enough.  If you like EDM, trance, or any sort of modern music you'll love the Fostex TH-900.  I sold my Denon AH-D7000 as I found the Fostex much superior.  
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