Cayin N5ii Android based Master Quality Digital Audio Player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by PinkyPowers, Oct 14, 2017.
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  1. carpler
    Today for the first time my N5ii (3.1EN) suddenly paused for no reason.
    It was in Audio priority mode and playing a flac file (44.1). The reader was in my pocket and I'm sure nothing pressed the buttons or the screen.
    After several seconds the playing resumed without any intervention from me.
    I'm sure that is not the flac file: I played the same file yesterday without problems.
    The only thing different than other days is that the reader had just been turned on.
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  2. griff06
    Think this is a known and common problem. It certainly is for me.
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  3. originalsnuffy
    A few thoughts. First the USB problem was largely attributed to bus limits in the N5ii. Still, I think that the system can be improved to handle i/o requests between the two storage card ports. Right now it seems to either crash or time out very easily.

    Second; ASCII order may make sense to you but as a user it is not a good choice. That item should be re-entered into the user request list. I recall some others piping on on this also.
  4. seanwee
    Bugs to squash
    1. Device stability/ Freezing (occasional)
    2. Blurry album art (rare)
    3. Inverted colours (very rare)

    Suspected causes
    1. Background android services
    2. Random but may be due the player simply enlarging the picture from the now playing bar instead of reopening the picture file.
    3. It only happened after a freeze in my case so solving the freezing bug might also squash this bug

    What else?

    Edit: 1500th post!!! :)
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  5. somnarium
    I agree. It is indeed tiresome with a large library having to re-tag everything with a leading zero.

    At least batch conversion of Tag - Filename in Mp3tag is quicker than a manual method (I use format string $num(%track%,2) - %title%).

    In addition - I know most people don't have different embedded image in each FLAC file, but I do. If anyone else does this be aware that in Artist view, each album will be displayed with art as applied to the final track of the album (not the first). I am not expecting a fix for this as I doubt too many people are in this boat!
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  6. CayinSupport
    Hi, how many TF cards inserted in your N5ii? one or two? what is the format? how many songs in your TF cards? You can copy your music files from your TF card to the local storage and take your TF out, scan again to see what happens
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  7. CayinSupport
    Maybe you can do a reset and try again.
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  8. seanwee
    For reference, I have a SanDisk ultra 200GB in slot 1 and a SanDisk Extreme U3 128GB in slot 2.

    The ultra contains 11337 songs and the extreme contains 2438 songs, both totalling 13775 songs.

    I have no issues browsing even while playing dsd 128 songs on my N5ii.
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  9. kickss
    Hi, Reset Factory maybe the best solution, my Cayin works perfectly now :)
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  10. apt_quark
    Congrats Sean....been reading a lot of your posts and they have been very informative.


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  11. seanwee
    Hahaha, thanks :wink:

    Call it mutually beneficial.
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  12. prestiggge
    Could you compare Cayin N5ii vs iFi Micro iDSD? I am only wondering their sounds with K7XX. Mobility not important for me. I will listen on PC. I like ethnic and classical music and like listen violin
  13. TBomb06
    Random question: When browsing in the artist tab, when I select an artist and it shows their albums including album artwork, it looks like there should be an artist image next to the artist name. Is it possible to put an artist image in the artist folder and have it displayed there? If so, how does that work?
  14. somnarium
    Interesting question, I noticed that the other day and assumed it was just a static icon.
    I ran a test using foobar2000 tagging to add 'artist' artwork and can confirm this didn't show up...
  15. samycinema
    Anyone tried running a 3 meter (10 ft) USB cable out of the N5ii and into an external DAC?
    Does it work with such length?
    (My Sony WM1Z doesn't and I need it in the car)
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