Cayin N3 Hi-Res DAP with AKM4490 DAC, apt-X Bluetooth, and Line, USB & Coax Out for $150
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Welcome to the club!
Don't worry about the bass, that will deepen and tighten up nicely in time. In fact overall sound quality will improve with burn in. Took me by surprise, I didn't  believe in such things but I've already talked about that earlier in this thread 

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I also wanted to pass along the news that MusicTeck finally got the delivery of the legit, Cayin-branded USB to coax cables today and I just ordered one from them to just to see if it makes any difference using the coax input of my Lake People DAC rather than the USB input.
Even with 24 bit downloads, the N3 sounds more muddy when comparing it to a CD. I run an Olasonic CD transport to the same Lake People DAC, btw.  I did expect the CD to sound better than the N3 but I am a little surprised by how much clearer the CD transport sounds. I actually think the N3 sounds better on its own without going to my DAC, leading me to be believe that either the signal is being converted twice or the usb input on my DAC is considerably worse than the optical input. 
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that N3 sound tone is suitable for listen teen pop , rock , country ?? I am tangled in cayin N3 and sony nw-a35 :blink:
anyone help?

Depends on what kind of sound / tone you're after. Different strokes for different folks and all :wink:

EDIT: Autocorrect completely butchered my post, lol :p
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Ok, I understand but the lights keep flashing even after it shows the charge at 100%. But if this is normal I am more than ok, just wanted to know if it is supposed to be like that or the unit is faulty.
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Happy I just got my N3 today even because I was expecting it on Monday. I have upgraded the firmware and installed the driver on my PC (Win 10 Pro) without any problems. 
I haven't got the time to listen to it too much but the first impression was great although the bass wasn't as deep as I expected but probably some burn-in will set the sound.
I have listened to it only with my ATH-CKS990s via PC in USB-DAC mode but later today I will try with the SRT7 as well.
Sadly I have noticed it arrived with a very small dead pixel on the bottom centre of the screen but I can ignore that :)
One question: it is ok while in USB-DAC mode for the two left and right LEDs to flicker?

I want to know more the bass performance about CKS990 + N3  .   
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I will get back with some thoughts just give me a few days to listen to it...anyway after just 30 min of listening to it sounds pretty amazing and the bass is way better than with my previous xDuoo x3. It takes some hours to burn-in for the sound to define. I am a fan of Audio-Technica and I got two of their flagship headphones which I will thoroughly test.

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