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Cavalli Audio's Liquid Carbon Owners Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by mr rick, Nov 14, 2015.
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  1. purk Contributor
    I don't think the value will go up...in fact it will go down. Lacking warranty supports can be a big issue if you think of it. Plus, there are many good sounding amplifiers out there with proper warranty supports.
  2. doraymon
    After one year my LC2 works flawlessly but I heard about others having the issues you mention.
  3. doraymon
    If the amp is already out of warranty that makes no difference.
    Cavalli nominated a company to provide technical service for the existing amps.
    I'm not comparing with a new amp of any brand obviously but if you want the original Cavalli sound the LC is and will always be the most affordable solution.
    Massdrop is massdrop, Cavalli is Cavalli...
  4. purk Contributor
    The repair cost will not be cheap and the LC1 amps have had issues in the past. The pot is notoriously bad and I had channel imbalanced from the get go.
  5. Hooster
    I really don't see what the big deal is. If the pot goes bad, take the opportunity to replace it with a better pot. They are not that expensive. A nice one should cost about 10 bucks.
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  6. bronzboy
    I had my volume pot repaired under warranty, but my LC2's one year warranty is now expired, so I'm satisfied that Alex Cavalli recommended a shop to repair it in the future if needed. My list of purchases of audio equipment through the years have mostly lived far beyond any warranties, but there have been a few expensive ones that have died before I thought they should. I am very pleased with my LC2 ( and have been for the past eleven months after repaired) so I am looking forward to listening to it and continuing to enjoy it for a while. Good luck to all of us.
  7. novicez1
    This was during 3rd week of last month, a cozy afternoon in the mall, just got off from a lazy seminar and decided to pay my favorite(and quite probably the only headfi shop available in my area) head fi shiop, and there was a Liquid Gold on the audition table. It was hooked up to a Chord QBD76 and a macbook pro playing lossless files. The unit was not in used so I simply turned it on and hooked up a balanced HE1000 on it, since back then before I was looking for a TOTL setup, I was auditioning all the available TOTL headphones on a QBD76>V281(which now I currently have paired with the RS06) setup and 3 planars stood out at that time(Ether, LCDX, HE1000).

    From what I can remember, the HE1000 sounded too smooth on the QBD76>V281, to the point that it started to make me feel sleepy, it lacked "bite" or "grit". Cymbals and hat strikes lack the attack compared to the Ether's, well till I heard the HE1000 on the Liquid Gold. It gained some of the "bite" and "grit" it was lacking paired with the V281, but since the HE1000 has a "hazy" character, this introduced a bit of graininess in the overall sound profile.

    Now depending on the headphones you have, this may or may not be beneficial for you if you consider gear synergy. If you can, it is best you audition it first hand, as everyone have different preferences and listening abilities. Hope this helps you out in your purchase decisions.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2017
  8. mandrake50
    Thanks. I appreciate the response. I may be living in the past a bit. One of the most remarkable listening experiences I have had was at the Cavalli booth a couple of years ago. He had the LAU driven by a high end DAC (can't remember the exact one) driving a set of Abyss phones. I spent about an hour there in the early afternoon on Friday. It actually was not too noisy. It is probably unobtainable, but I still search for that sound.

    BTW, I have a set of HE1K V1. Interestingly, part of what I like about them is that smoothness.
  9. novicez1
    If that's the case, I think you might like the V281 as it makes it's smooth character even more evident.
  10. purk Contributor
    If you can do the work yourself then great but others may need to send their units in. I no longer have the LC but I did have one in the past. If you guys are looking for a great amp that can compete and even surpass the LAu, get someone to build you a SuSy Dynahi with premium parts or contact Doug at ECP Audio and get the Ravenswood/DSHA-4 built. I had the pleasure of comparing these three amps in the past and the two mentioned are a match made in heaven with the HEK. V1/V2 and should be for the Susvara.
  11. pippen99
    I was in on the last run of the Liquid Gold. I was near the end and received my unit in October 2016. I believe these last run Lau were the final amps built by Cavalli. My Lau had a 1 year warranty so thusly expired. Unless someone purchased a remnant from dealer stock all Cavalli warranties are expired except for the LC v1 lifetime warranty. So not really an issue except for those 500 owners.
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  12. abvolt
    I wonder if any other Cavalli amps will be available though Massdrop like the LCX, Cavalli might as will sold more rights to Massdrop then is known I hope so..
  13. Pumba101
    Do you think the LCX will benefit from a better power supply? If so, any ideas what?
  14. PopZeus
    I have to imagine that if Massdrop wants to release a more upscale amp, the idea of licensing another one of Cavalli’s designs is on the table. Makes sense for them to start at the entry-level market with the LCX though.
  15. canthearyou
    I need some help and opinions. I just recently sold my LC 2.0. I had no issues with it during my short time with it. As I've been using it almost daily I guaranteed the recipient a working amp upon arrival. After the new owner gets the amp he tells me the SE inputs are faulty and only work on the left channel. I only used it balanced and was not aware of the issue. I offered to purchase and send the owner a pair of RCA to XLR adaptors. He refused and wants a full refund. What should I do? The amp technically still functions 100% with use of the balanced inputs or XLR adaptors.
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