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CanJam SoCal 2015, March 28-29, 2015

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  1. warrenpchi Administrator
    Now that the video is out... and your audition priorities have been reset... here is the show map and exhibitor list as promised.
    1964 Ears ▸ San Marcos/San Juan
    Affordable Audio ▸ Terrace Pavilion
    ALO Audio ▸ Terrace Pavilion
    Apogee ▸ Terrace Pavilion
    Astell & Kern ▸ San Pedro/San Diego
    Atomic Floyd ▸ Terrace Pavilion
    Audeze ▸ San Pedro/San Diego
    Audio Nerd ▸ Terrace Pavilion
    Audio Plus Serices ▸ San Pedro/San Diego
    Audioquest ▸ San Pedro/San Diego
    Auralic ▸ San Marcos/San Juan
    Aurender ▸ Terrace Pavilion
    Avatar Acoustics ▸ Terrace Pavilion
    Ayre Acoustics ▸ San Pedro/San Diego
    Blue Microphones ▸ Terrace Pavilion
    Cavalli Audio ▸ San Carlos
    Centrance ▸ Terrace Pavilion
    Chord ▸ San Pedro/San Diego
    Creative Labs ▸ Terrace Pavilion
    Darin Fong ▸ San Marcos/San Juan
    Echobox ▸ Terrace Pavilion
    Enigmacoustics ▸ San Gabriel
    Final Audio ▸ San Marcos/San Juan
    Focal ▸ San Pedro/San Diego
    Fritz Speakers ▸ Crystal Cove (3rd Floor)
    Grace Design ▸ San Pedro/San Diego
    Headamp ▸ San Gabriel
    Hifiman ▸ San Marcos/San Juan
    HRT ▸ Terrace Pavilion
    Jaben ▸ San Gabriel
    JDS Labs ▸ Terrace Pavilion
    JH Audio ▸ Terrace Pavilion
    JPS Labs ▸ San Gabriel
    Light Harmonic ▸ Terrace Pavilion
    Massdrop ▸ Terrace Pavilion
    MIT Cables ▸ Terrace Pavilion
    Moon-Audio ▸ Terrace Pavilion
    Mr Speakers ▸ San Carlos
    Musica Acoustics ▸ Terrace Pavilion
    Noble Audio ▸ Terrace Pavilion
    Obravo ▸ San Pedro/San Diego
    Oppo ▸ San Marcos/San Juan
    Peachtree Audio ▸ Terrace Pavilion
    Pendulumic ▸ Terrace Pavilion
    Philips ▸ Terrace Pavilion
    Questyle Audio ▸ San Pedro/San Diego -AND- Emerald Bay (3rd Floor)
    RHA ▸ Terrace Pavilion
    Riva Audio ▸ Bolsa Chica (3rd Floor)
    Schiit Audio ▸ San Marcos/San Juan
    Sennheiser ▸ San Pedro/San Diego
    Smyth Research ▸ San Marcos/San Juan
    Sony ▸ Terrace Pavilion
    SPL ▸ San Pedro/San Diego
    The Audio Salon ▸ Del Mar (3rd Floor)
    Ultimate Ears ▸ Terrace Pavilion
    Wells Audio ▸ San Gabriel
    Woo Audio ▸ San Gabriel
    Wyred4Sound ▸ Crystal Cove (3rd Floor)
    WyWires ▸ San Marcos/San Juan -AND- Crystal Cove (3rd Floor)

    And as for the handpicked Member Showcase...
    Now, for those of you who wanted to bring gear, but aren't in the member showcase... you'll be glad to know that we have a special Head-Fiers' Lounge on the third floor.  It's perfect for hanging out, eating lunch, AND having an ad hoc meet!  It's a multi-purpose space that we an all share for whatever.  [​IMG]
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  2. warrenpchi Administrator
    Bear, you checked in with Delta yet?  [​IMG]
  3. mscott58
    Get some sleep Warren! 
  4. magiccabbage
    Is that a prototype Z by Audeze or a hifiman headphone? 
  5. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    edit: Never mind. Looked like like a new Audeze. The yokes looked Audeze-styled, but oh well.
  6. KewlMunky
    You're both referencing the red headphone display, but never mentioned, with the Chord amp/dacs, right? I was waiting intensly to hear about them, but was shocked that they didn't even get a word.
  7. AxelCloris Administrator
    The headphone shown with the Chord products was announced later in the video, the MrSpeakers ETHER.
  8. KewlMunky
    Oops. I guess I should have watched the whole thing. I only watched through the chord products. I'll have to watch more. Thanks [​IMG]
  9. magiccabbage
    Thats the Chord Hugo TT - I will be reviewing it if anyone is interested let me know
  10. Mad Lust Envy Contributor

    WAAAAAT. That certainly reminds me of an Audeze.

    But nevermind... it's his own design. Interesting. Shame about the price... means I'll never experience it.
  11. magiccabbage
    Wow its Mr speakers!! Now im interested - it looks great. 
  12. AxelCloris Administrator
    Dan may be able to send a loaner like he did with the Alpha Dogs, right Dan? :wink:
    An open-backed planar from MrSpeakers could prove to be a killer in the gaming realm.
  13. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    Coincidentally, out of all the planars I've heard, the Alpha Dog was the best equipped to game with. Planars tend to have a wall that constricts the size of the soundstage. I didn't hear that with the AD.

    It certainly looks awesome. Can't wait to see what it's target tonality is going to be.
  14. magiccabbage
    tell him to send one my way [​IMG]
    seriously I would love to hear one through the Hugo TT - WA5 
    Exciting times 
  15. beauxrichards
    Hey All, 
    UE is really psyched about seeing everyone at Canjam SoCal 2015!  And we have a great offer for the show!
    See ya soon!
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