CanJam SoCal 2015 Impressions Thread
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Jun 9, 2011
Head-Fi LA
Hi everyone!
Welcome to CanJam SoCal 2015.  
  Post your live impressions and pics here, your fellow Head-Fiers are waiting for them!

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Also, for everyone that missed it or forgot about it, our "Post Your Impressions" contest is now in full swing:

We know that you're thrilled to share your impressions anyway, as we're all a part of this wonderful community, so this is just our way of making that act of sharing just a little bit sweeter.  

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Maybe Cardas will turn up with some A8s?
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Where are all the breathless impressions of Yggdrasil and the other new gear at CANJAM ? My timezone converter tells me it's shortly after 1pm in LA - all the technology most Head-fiers cart around and you cant even punch 'Bonkers !' into your phone ? Even 'gnarly' would be appropriate given CANJAMs location this year. Cowabunga, Judes  :wink:

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Thanks. However, at least on my phone, the top does not show :frowning2:

Howver, changing to Desktop does show it but much harder to read.

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I was bummed Fiio or Fiio's distributor wasn't there.  Was looking forward to checking out the X1 (yes I'm cheap) and to show a friend looking for a solid, but decent priced portable headphone amp (E12), but they were no where... Oh well
Cool show, maybe it's just me, but it seems there was a lack of portable amps unless I was blind. I did see a couple though.  Saw a ton of IEMs and full size cans as well as more desktop amps/DACs
Also asked about used stuff and they said there wasn't a used area or way to post used gear like the last Socal meet at the hotel.
Looking forward to the next Socal meet!!
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