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CanJam Singapore 2019 Impressions Thread

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  1. third_eye Moderator
    CanJam Singapore 2019 is underway! Please post your impressions here! #ListenLikeNeverBefore

    IMG_20190330_144528.jpg IMG_20190330_144234.jpg MVIMG_20190330_144245.jpg IMG_20190330_165933.jpg
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  2. kylev
    As requested by Protoss

    Hi protoss, there was long queue earlier but I managed to try it out - and it was really amazing pair of headphones!

    When it was switched on, I asked if the music was already played as I didn't really hear anything from the headphone, instead I heard a music COMING FROM THE ROOM - not from the headphone.
    I asked him few times, are you sure?? He said yes it is on!

    Then I listened to it more closely, and then took it off - no sound, when I put it on then I heard the music plays again - but it didn't feel come from a headphone at all!!
    It feels like someone plays a music using speaker.

    Damn, I said, this thing is the real deal! The voice is so natural like someone is talking to you directly, the soundstage is really good, I don't know how to say it!
    Instrument separation is really great! And tonally everything just sounds correct!

    I tried quite number of headphones in the past such as Susvara, HD800, various Audeze headphones and owned Stax 009 and 007, but truthfully this is the first pair of headphones that blows me away!
    You can't be wrong if you buy this - pair it with good speaker amps, you will feel almost reaching the Nirvana of audio lol :D

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  3. emrelights1973
    İ dont wanna say ugly or even Olympic gold ugly, i will say different:)
  4. dieslemat
    I was there and tried it too. Its truly amazing. Although I was concerned on keeping it on the head as there’s not a lot of contact points of the headphones with the head.
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  5. unboxbear
    My First Canjam! I enjoyed it and hopefully I can visit it again tomorrow :frowning2: read my experience over here. sorry very limited picture because ..... I was busy hhaha
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2019
  6. yunseokho
    is there anyone who listened AAW'S CANARY?
    plz let me know how it is ....and picture ..
  7. Bassslayer0488
    Can anyone there check out Rosson Audios booth? It would be really cool to get actual impressions. If it’s not too much trouble.
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  8. unknownguardian
    2019-03-30 10.28.45.jpg
    2019-03-30 10.30.48.jpg
    Thank you to everyone who had visited us at the Kumitate Lab booth today! It was a pleasure meeting you guys to hear your thoughts and opinions about the lineups as well as the new prototype KL-Proto. For those who have yet to check us out, you can still find us at Ocean Room 9 tomorrow! Besides us, you can find other amazing equipments in the room, including the SR1A and Brise Audio are having 50% off their demo cables after 2pm tomorrow. Hope to see you there!
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  9. Andykong
    We want to thank you for dropped by our booth at F6-F7 at the Ballroom, we had a wonderful Day 1, lots of visitors and lots of fruitful exchanges, and we are looking forwards to tomorrow gathering, we expect an even more excited party atarting 10am sharp.

    Cayin has bought our complete Personal Audio product line to Canjam Singapore, and I want to highlighted two new products specifically.

    N8 and N8 Brass Black:
    N8 is our TOTL DAP with several innovative technologies for portable audio such as single-ended Triode amplification, high impedance high output mode, I2S digital interiace and desktop equivalent balanced line out. To make things better, we have announced the N8 Brass Black last week and bring it to the Canjam party as soon as we can. So bring your IEM and music, come and compare the two versions of Cayin N8 in person, or you can explore the N8 with one of our IEM collections, Solaris, QDC Vx, Rhapsodio Eden, Project,71, Ocharaku 音茶樂绯樱,VE zen 2.0 just to name a few.


    iDAC-6MK2 DAC/preamp
    This is a major revision of our very popular tube buffered DAC, and we have set up three headphone amps (HA-300, iHA-6 and HA-1A MK2) with four headphones (HiFiman Susvara, Kennerton Thror, HD800 and Grado G2000e), definitely doing the best we can to facilitate your exploration.

    Last edited: Mar 30, 2019
    Cayin Stay updated on Cayin at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  10. lithiumnk
    Great impressions
    How was the sub bass performance as compared to other TOTLs you own/tried as SR1A goes up to 33hz .. is it a deal breaker..
  11. jasonho
    Some actions over at the kennerton booth

    F22D0462-589D-4D8C-84E2-01C20C1ECEB0.jpeg 107E823B-3CB6-4EB0-86AA-B4888515FFE4.jpeg BE21E56F-A8B3-4024-B236-7DCEAA42D1D5.jpeg 8834ACDB-8306-49AC-AD6E-7451FDDEBB9B.jpeg 5320D357-31FF-44E3-A376-F009E0E15BBC.jpeg 1E34D2CD-4DF3-4E0E-BEA0-4AB7093C9C51.jpeg
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  12. lithiumnk
    How is dCS Bartok? Does it live upto its hype?
    Canjam Singapore have too many new launches & gears to try ..thats impressive...
  13. kylev
    Couldn't really listen to various tracks earlier, queue was quite long hahaha :p .. maybe if I got the chance will try it out again tomorrow
  14. lithiumnk
  15. protoss
    Thanks, great impression. How was the build quailty and comfort? Easy to wear?
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