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CanJam @ RMAF 2018 Impressions (Oct 5-7, 2018)

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  1. Zachik
    My bad. You guys are right!
    Thanks for keeping me honest.
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  2. Rowethren
    Well well North of 10k at that lol.

    Would be good at future shows if there was greater continuity of equipment for that reason but I guess everyone has their own prefered partners so that would be impossible to enforce.
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  3. lambdastorm
    I heard the RAAL at AES NYC this Thursday and Friday, and man they sound just as good as everyone hypes them up to be, the sound as a whole is transparent and non-fatiguing, and due to their earcup-less nature they have to move a lot more air to have the same bass as traditional headphones but man, the bass from these is absolute nuts! They dig very low and have a surprisingly sense of punch, much like the one you would get from speakers. For bass heavy songs you can even see the drivers physically moving, mind you, not just a little. The excursion is something I've never seen on a pair of headphone, and when bass is playing the drivers move so violently its almost like its gonna jump out of the headphone.

    Overall, a fantastic listen. I spent 15 minutes at the booth just to make sure neither my ears nor the lack of sleep are playing tricks on me. And man do they deliver. The rep told me they try to design a headphone that can physically move air without any enclosure much like speakers, and this is what they came out, and the driver is designed to be a woofer in nature as opposed to a tweeter, as you'd often associate ribbon drivers with. Unfortunately there won't be a loaner's program, because if there is one I'm gonna be the first on the bandwagon.
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  4. Mark Up
    I tried them there too. Noise room of course so the test was limited. All that you said of the sound was true. My only issues are the unique fit which I feel has them in a "tent" shape, where it rests on the top of your ears but protrudes so the bottom part is over your ear but not very close or touching it. Most headphones are designed to do the opposite, slightly. Meaning, have the top part of the headphone be a touch farther back than the bottom part. This may not affect sound negatively but it felt just odd.
  5. miceblue
    What songs did you listen to? I wanted to hear a Daft Punk song, but someone else was hogging the music selection device.

    Also off topic, but how was AES NY? I got a thousand emails for it, but I couldn't afford to go. I might go to NAMM though to attend the AES seminars.
  6. lambdastorm
    I went there for RAAL, but there's a nice albeit small selection of other headphones as well. Sennheiser booth is showing off their HD820 and AT booth has some open and closed studio headphones on display. Overall I'd say its interesting, although it's geared much towards professionals/musicians.

    Also you can get AES tickets for free.....Just google AES NY coupon and there're coupon codes everywhere.
  7. lambdastorm
    It does feel a little odd on your head but I have to say the comfort of this headphone is just phenomenal. It's kinda obvious how much thinking is put into designing this headphone and they even added a strap just to secure it on your head. Other than the issue you mentioned, which is the driver slightly touching your ear, I think the comfort is pretty great.
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  8. happy hopping

    this guy spends 1 hr. to talk about CanJam 2018

    I'm a big fan of Focal Utophia headphone, anything better than this pair?

    as well in regards to moible DAC, anything better than Hugo 2 from Chord ?
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  9. noplsestar
    „this guy“ hahaha. You’re talking about Jude, man!! (Founder of Head-Fi)
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  10. gLer
    Hehe. And yes, I believe there is life beyond the Utopia and Hugo 2 :wink:
  11. happy hopping
    can you name 1 or 2 mobile DAC better than Hugo 2?
  12. happy hopping
    oh, is he the one? I don't hang out here as often as you think
  13. Mediahound
    The Mojo is actually better for mobile. Hugo 2 is transportable, but not really that mobile.
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2018
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  14. gLer
    Agreed, and given the cost I wouldn't be transporting the Hugo 2 anywhere but different rooms in the house.
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  15. noplsestar
    I think there‘s no damage done. He is not (yet) holy, hehe :)
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