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CanJam @ RMAF 2018 Impressions (Oct 5-7, 2018)

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  1. elira
    I didn’t spent time testing the other Focal, my favorite ones are the Clear. I felt the Elegía to lack some air, like being constrained by the enclosure. The mids were recessed and they were lacking some detail.
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  2. raypin
    Mm..seems like only a few listened to it and only 1 made a passing comment. Not a good sign for this one-of-a-kind. I guess we just have to wait once it gets released in the wild (December-ish).
  3. Sp12er3
    not surprised, most are pessimistic about it... and it seems even the optimistic ones came out of it not really blown away by it... a bad sign, that.
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  4. kid vic
    The original Focal trio were all lambasted (by some members) for their terrible soundstage and average (imo) imaging, so I'm not surprised the closed back gets no love. If they haven't changed the terrible driver excursion design I'm even less surprised that people say it sounded restrained.
  5. Sp12er3
    erm, I was talking more about the DMP-Z1 there, but it's also applicable to the Elegia I guess.... no matter :floatsmile:
  6. bixby
    I heard the sony it was nice
  7. third_eye Moderator
    Thanks to everyone who came out to CanJam RMAF 2018, we had a great time this weekend!

    MVIMG_20181005_160710.jpg IMG_20181005_160620.jpg IMG_20181005_160555.jpg IMG_20181005_160553.jpg IMG_20181005_160547.jpg MVIMG_20181005_160539.jpg IMG_20181005_160531.jpg IMG_20181005_160525.jpg IMG_20181005_160518.jpg IMG_20181005_160506.jpg MVIMG_20181005_160458.jpg
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  8. Stillhart
    I listened to the new Focal briefly. I liked it enough based on what I heard (unfamiliar music and source chain in a noisy environment). I'd be very curious to do a shootout between it, the Aeon Closed and the Campfire headphone, all very nice closed headphones in the same price range.
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  9. bflat
    Regarding DMP-Z1, how many would buy this versus a Chord Dave? Granted the DMP-Z1 doesn't need a source, but it's hardly a portable.
  10. purk Contributor
    Agreed. At that price point, may people will likely just get the Chord Dave.
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  11. Effusion
    A big thanks to all who participated in this year's show! Every year it seems to get just a little bit better and without all the members and vendors it just wouldn't be the same.

    Well, I finally got some time since the show ended to load up the rest of my pictures from my last two days. Still need some time to digest prior to formal impressions, but if I had to choose, my 3 big takeaways from the canjam room are below:

    • Meze Empyrean - Thought these were worthy of a flagship, but need a good source and at one point seemed to may have been a bit slow on certain tracks, could have been the source though. Amazing soundstage with what seemed like holographic imaging at times on the excellent big Auris amp. Really comfortable and felt like it was manufactured very well; felt the part of a flagship item in many ways. Of course, I need more time with them and on different amps, etc. to really get a good feel, but they did spark my interest.

    • Mackie MC-250 - Would be my pick of the show for best budget item. At their $99 price point, they are some of the most neutral and overall pleasant sounding cans I've heard in quite some time (of course for the money). Many times headphones at this low of a price need to be modded a bit to sound decent, but these sounded really pretty nice as is. However, I did keep thinking what would be possible to mod them and move them up to the next level. At a hundred dollars this may turn out to be a fun little can to either just have around or to tweak. Will be interested in other's opinions on these in the future.

    • ZMF Headphones - Really enjoyed everything at ZMF's table this year, including the two newer offerings, really liking one of them in particular and will definitely be following its release closely. In my opinion, ZMF would get my all-around best of show category this year. From their awesome lineup of headphones, to the new amps, all the different cables/pads, and their great interaction with those who visit their table, everything just seemed right at ZMF this year. Plus, they always have streaming options, like Tidal or something similar, so you can usually find a good reference track very easily, which can be hard for some folks, like myself, at other vendors' tables who use local disks and playlists. At the end of the day, I think if I had every item they produce in their line-up, I would have more than enough variety and amazing sound to be extremely happy and content, which is actually saying quite a lot when you got giants of industry in on the game in all directions.
    Now, for a "bit" more eye candy... enjoy!

    Swan Song Audio

    _1570630-Edit.jpg _1570624-Edit.jpg _1570626-Edit.jpg _1570628-Edit.jpg

    Redscape Audio

    _1570633-Edit.jpg _1570631-Edit.jpg _1570635-Edit.jpg

    Auris Audio

    _1570637-Edit.jpg _1570639-Edit.jpg _1570640-Edit.jpg _1570645-Edit.jpg _1570646-Edit.jpg


    _1570649-Edit.jpg _1570651-Edit.jpg




    _1570660-Edit.jpg _1570661-Edit.jpg _1570666-Edit.jpg _1570668-Edit.jpg _1570673-Edit.jpg _1570678-Edit.jpg _1570682-Edit.jpg _1570686-Edit.jpg _1570688-Edit.jpg _1570693-Edit.jpg

    Below is part two of the last of my photos...
  12. Effusion
    ...and for part 2 of the last of my photos:

    Mr. Speakers



    _1570700-Edit.jpg _1570702-Edit.jpg _1570706-Edit.jpg _1570710-Edit.jpg

    Cleer Audio

    _1570712-Edit.jpg _1570713-Edit.jpg _1570715-Edit.jpg

    Campfire Audio

    _1570717-Edit.jpg _1570719-Edit.jpg _1570723-Edit.jpg


    _1570725-Edit.jpg _1570727-Edit.jpg _1570728-Edit.jpg _1570731-Edit.jpg _1570735-Edit.jpg _1570736-Edit.jpg

    Spirit Sound Design and Questyle

    _1570743-Edit.jpg _1570745-Edit.jpg _1570748-Edit.jpg
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  13. Deftone
    Come on man have some mercy on all of our wallets!!
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  14. Dsnuts Contributor
    Hey I just report what I heard at the show. Nothing more nothing less. Will have to improve my camera work. I took an older camera and apparently the lighting at Can Jam is not so good.
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  15. Van Gogh
    I am really surprised by how many people have amazing feedback for Sony IER-Z1R.
    Makes me want to try it.

    I was planning to get a custom either Empire Ears Phantom or 64 Audio U18, but now I have to give this a listen too before deciding...
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