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CanJam @ RMAF 2018 Impressions (Oct 5-7, 2018)

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  1. mochifi
    Who's your source? Cos that'd be a bummer, was hoping to check them out in late November time in HK :frowning2:
  2. Stillhart
    Well I got home super late last night (Thanks, Frontier! You're the worst!) and I'm still recovering mentally and physically from an awesome weekend. But I wanted to mention one thing I think deserves more attention: the new Mackie headphones! At $99, these things were eye-openingly good for the price. These will for sure be my new go-to recommendation for noobs looking for a great budget headphone. Light, comfortable, removable cable, foldable (inwards, not flat), with a surprisingly balanced sound signature.

    I know everyone wants to talk about the amazing high end stuff (OMG, that Meze with the Auris amp was divine!) but the Mackie, in its price range, was just as impressive imho.
  3. HeadphoneAddict Contributor
    I liked the new (Verite) and old one (Auteur) alike. But the new one was a little more neutral and less musical or fun. To my ears and my son's, the Auteur had stronger bass and slightly more treble, but not overdone in a "loudness control" kind of way.

    If I wasn’t all set up already, and I didn’t have to worry about spending money and could buy as many headphones as I wanted, the Auteur would still be fun to play with in my collection.

    The Verite might fit the bill with a different source and DAC, but I couldn’t say. It was just slightly more bland sounding, but could dig down deep into the details. The sound was pretty open though, with a bigger soundstage than the Ether2 that I tried.

    I don’t think either would replace my current TOTL phones like HD800, HE1K, HE-6, and Sennheiser HE-60.
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2018
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  4. KB Contributor
    Good times, had a lot of fun with all our pals. Enjoyed the show immensely and look forward to the new venue for RMAF CanJam 2019. Thank you Jude, Joe and Ethan for putting on another great CanJam.

    2 of my best audio buds, Vinnie Rossi and Todd Green aka Todd the Vinyl Junkie. To both of these legendary industry stalwarts, I salute you. Vinnie's new L2 Signature mono block and L2 preamplifier along with some Harbeth speakers were like being in a live concert, what a treat this room was. Vinnies builds just keep getting better and better, amazing stuff.

    VR.jpg VR_system.jpg VR_lio_top.jpg

    Me and bud, Todd.


    Show was great, the Campfire Audio Comet snagged a award for best IEM under 500 euros, the Comet is $199 USD so we are well under 500 euros :wink: Thank you press peoples!

    rmaf_comet.jpg RMAF_award_graphic.png


    Ken @ Campfire Audio
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2018
    ALO Audio Stay updated on ALO Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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  5. HeadphoneAddict Contributor
    The show is so big that lately I tend to focus on what I know, or what I can afford with a kid in college.

    Congrats! I’m now sorry I missed listening to these items. If I make it next year at the new venue I’m going to have to try to see more new gear.

    Still have all the cables and amps from you over the years, except for the modded Ultrasone headphones. Cheers!
  6. purk Contributor
    Any more of the Sony DMP-Z1 impressions? Thanks in advance.
  7. fzman Contributor
    Just got back from my annual 'family reunion' with all of my wonderful Head-Fi and audio friends. It was great to see all of you, and to get to hang out and hear a bunch of great stuff. Gaylord for 2019? Sounds funny to me, but who knows....
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  8. circafreedom
    Just attended my second year at the festival. First year was overwhelming because I had no clue what I was getting into. Got to meet a bunch of great people! I wanted to thank KB for being as passionate in person as he is in the forums. I picked up the Atlas and I'm loving them so far!
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  9. Omegon
    I also attended Rmaf this year and picked up an atlas from KB and campfire folks as well! Loving them so far. I'm incredibly impressed with just how good a single driver can sound. Can't wait for what's next!
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  10. Allanmarcus
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  11. noplsestar
    You‘re the second one here highlighting the ProPhile8 IEMs. Nice. I got them for 800 bucks a few weeks ago and am still very impressed!
  12. frolly
    Where did you pick them up for $800? They were quoting $1300 at RMAF with the show discount
  13. noplsestar
    second hand :wink:
  14. frolly
    Wow great deal. It was a shame they weren't getting more traffic at their booth.
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  15. kid vic
    i <3 2 channel
    Primrose+Verity with a 1 MILLION dollar system???
    I won't feel bad about my purchases for at least a month.
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