CanJam @ RMAF 2017 (October 6-8, 2017) Impressions!

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  1. joe Administrator
    I'm sure you can still get a flight out....
  2. joe Administrator
    A few more shots from today....


    Focal Clear


    The Shanling M3S -- Go check this one out.


    Noble Audio




  3. NaiveSound
    I wish there was more pictures
  4. MaceHane2
    Yep, waiting for lots more pictures!

    Especially interested in the (apparently more affordable) HiFiMan Sundara ....
  5. musicman59
    No, I started going to RMAF about 7 or 8 years ago.
  6. Grodzman
    First off, thank you Head-Fi family for such a warm welcome to CanJam and the community as a whole. This has been an awesome experience for both me (the product guy) and Andrew (the acoustical mad man). We are finally here! I’ll post up some photos tomorrow but you can pre-order the HP-3 now with Ebony arriving by the end of this month (limited quantities) and the other two wood colors showing up at the beginning of November. Anybody at the show, stop by CanJam #25 and give them a listen! Be sure to check out our new amp as well, a number of folks have been pleasantly surprised by it.
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  7. Luminette
    I'll be there tomorrow, can't wait :)
  8. Andrew Rieger
    Is there still going to be some kind of special package for Headfi members? I remember something being mentioned about that in the Klipsch thread.
  9. Hyp0xia
    I was stuck by how light they are. They're way lighter than they look. It was kind of difficult to see the grain on the ebony one they had and I felt the headband could use some more padding, despite the light weight. I didn't spend enough time with them to make any definitive judgments about the sound. For the people thinking these might offer some competition to the ZMF Auteur, however, I'm sorry, but the HP-3 is not in the same league. Then again, the Auteurs I saw were plugged into some pretty nice gear and the Klipsch table was relatively bare.
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  10. Allanmarcus
    Here what I was impressed with so far:

    Planar from AR. AR-HA1. Comfortable and impressively fun sound.
    Pioneer SE-Monitor5 closed back
    Audeze LCD-4 (though clamp force was high)
    Focal Clear (utopia is still significantly better, but the Clear is better then the Elear)
    Gilmore light amp for warm headphones
    Klipsh amp/DAC for $499 (slick retro look)
    Schiit Loki - it works for when you don't have software EQ

    Stuff I was less impressed with
    Pioneer SE-Master1
    LCD-MX4 - no wow factor
    Klipsh Heritage (too much bass, no comfortable for me)

    Not sure about because it was too loud
    Schiit Gadget (this is a very subtle device, and only useful for certain type of music)
    ATX-5000 from Audio Technica. I think that is the model number

    Those are my thoughts for now.

    Update. The Aeon closed is in no way in the same class as the Ether c flow. The Ether c flow is far and away better than the Aeon. I was able to listen to the open Aeon, but the Ether c just has a much fuller sound, to me, than the Aeon.
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  11. Voxata
    I'll be visiting tomorrow, not sure if I should bring my cans for testing w/amps or not :D
  12. phase0
    Well here's a link to pix for my day at RMAF:

    A lot of not-head-fi but hey I gotta check out those other systems :metal:

    My big surprise is I think I liked the WA-33 w/ Susvara more than the WA-33 Elite w/ Abyss Phi. I got to hear Diana, that was surprisingly good. I think the sound stage was a little collapse cause it's so close to the ear and I wish the pads were a little bigger. My ears were a bit cramp but it would probably be okay for a long listening session. I wish I had more time to sit w/ the Abyss Phi especially since I read a couple people say its their current favorite. I guess I was surprised that I wasn't just floored by it and maybe that is just coming in with too many expectations IDK. It definitely seemed more refined than that last time I heard the Abyss a year ago.

    I stopped by the Audeze booth and I loved the LCDi and LCD-4. Almost shut up and take my money loved them. I steered clear of the LCD-4 because I already had the XC, now I find myself wanting one.

    Dana Cables was trying to prove the difference in cables to me. It was my first stop and I was a little 'eh maybe a little bit'... I still think extremely expensive cables is one of the last things I would look at but I know everyone around here loves them so I tried.

    I was also really impressed with Woo Audio's stax setup. It just sounded a lot better than I remembered it from a couple years ago. Jack said they updated it. Last time I thought the Stax was a little lacking in bass. This time I thought it was all around out standing. I didn't see a Blue Hawaii around to try and compare but I seem to remember people saying BH is the best presentation for stax/tube amp.

    I also stopped by the EmpireEars booth and fell in love with Zeus...

    The frustrating thing about RMAF is the shear overwhelm and that from booth after booth there's a lot of really good stuff. Pick a direction, go forward, and you're going to immediately run into something cool.
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  13. Effusion

    Another great start to what looks to be one of the best shows I've been to yet! Beautiful fall day here in Colorado and probably one of the best ways to spend a Friday.

    Below are a few more pictures, mainly of newer items, every piece, except one, I personally spent some time with and will try to get impressions of each up soon, but until then you'll have to just feast on some more eye candy! The progression is a linear timeline of my day and I'll throw in a little spolier alert,
    towards the bottom are a pair of $120,000 Utopias, yes that wasn't a typo! They are the ones made of gold and encrusted with diamonds, of course! I was too afraid to try them, or even touch them, so unfortunately they are the only piece I didn't test out...

    Elekit from VK Music

    New Elekit 8600 amp that takes 300Bs! Next to a pair of LCDs... and my custom adjustable pair of Beyer DT770 Pro 80 ohm headphones in the last picture.



    Audio Precision

    Testing out my custom and modded HD650's with the great guys over at Audio Precision.



    Centrance's High Fidelity DAC and Headphone Amplifier


    Gadget paired with the Eitr




    Mojo and Poly

    Mr. Speakers

    AEON Flow



    Custom Utopias


    Audio Technica

    New ATH-ADX5000



    The Auteur



    More to come... :beyersmile:
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  14. Barra
    Me first miss in 3 years.
  15. ColtMrFire
    Really interested in hearing about the Schiit Gadget.
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