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CanJam @ RMAF 2017 (October 6-8, 2017) Impressions!

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  1. joe Administrator
    Here's the thread to post all of the things you can hear and see at CanJam @ RMAF this year.

    Post your impressions here!
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  2. ToroFiestaSol
    Please people, comment about the Final Audio D8000 planar headphone :)
    Hope you enjoy RMAF, wish I could be there (12k km distance :/)
  3. shenanbay
    dying to see what people who went there have to share
  4. dynavit
    Did somebody listen to the new Mysphere headphones? Would be nice, if we could get some impressions herein Vienna.
    Many Thanks
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  5. joe Administrator
    Just a few photos so far...

  6. odanovich
    Looking forward to the impressions on the Audeze Pro and MX4 series. Please share!
  7. Mshenay Contributor
    Looking forward to pages and pages of impressions for all the awesome new gear!!!
  8. RCBinTN
    Nice start, Joe.
    Those Fostex emerald green HP's are beautiful.
  9. musicman59
    Dam! Is killing me not being there this year!! :disappointed:
  10. MaceHane2
    Looking forward to see photos and reading about the sound, of the new HiFiman Sundara.
    Also its price to see if they haven’t forgotten that making genuinely affordable cans makes us happy! I love my 400s, but would welcome something a little more ‘interesting’.
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  11. Mshenay Contributor
    Oh Sundara, maybe a more reasonable price'd variant of the Susvara?
  12. Mkoll
    HP-3 impressions please!
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  13. miceblue
    Subscribed for now
  14. Audio Addict Contributor
    Is this the 1st time in 14 years you've not been there?

    Since Axpona came along to Chicago, I haven't been to RMAF / CanJam.
  15. miceblue
    The Final DIY workshop was super cool! It was neat being to assemble the earphone and tune it to your liking with the filters.


    That was well worth the $55 fee I think.
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