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CanJam London 2019 (July 27-28, 2019)

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  1. KEV G
    Yep, some will have stock and some will have show discounts. Great opportunity to get yourself a Woo amp, I have the WA2 and love it. :smile_phones:
  2. RestlessZombi
    Another South Londoner here too... though not near Mitcham :) I think i'll just be going on the Saturday though, my wallet can't take both days :)
  3. KEV G
    My wallet won’t be suffering but my Solaris stash will be blown if they’re for me when I try em lol.
    Looks like there’ll be a few of us South Londoners in attendance then. I tend to get a weekend pass just in case I missed something or just run out of time on the Saturday. Best chance of the year to try everything out in this Apple infested Air Pod Beats society here in the UK. Apologies for the language :L3000::L3000::L3000:
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  4. RestlessZombi

    You language was fine, i don't and could never own any AirPods or Beats branded gear... If you ever meet me you'll see just how unfashionable I am for lack of caring :)

    I want to go Sunday too but that means getting my a**e out bed early both weekend days.. (I have to do it 5 days a week already..)
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  5. KEV G
    I’m very fortunate that I can hop on the train and be there in 20-30 minutes from my place, gets me out the house and out of trouble for the weekend :ksc75smile:
    Unless I loose control of my spending lol
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  6. Sunstealer
    I'll be attending my first CanJam in London this year, possibly with a friend.

    I'll be bringing my N5ii with a curated short playlist, IT04s and maybe ER4XRs. Is there anything else I should bring? Do I have to book audition slots? I really don't know how things work. Reading previous articles hasn't made it too much clearer.
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  7. KEV G
    If you keep an eye on this thread, you get updated on who’s attending and any bookings that may interest you. In the general area you can just take a seat to try out any gear you like. You may have to wait for a short while for a seat to become vacant, but shouldn’t have to wait too long.
    As for what to bring with you, clean hair and ears lol.
    You may want to bring any spare cables with you if you have any with different terminations for various sources you may try. Also spare tips as these vary hugely on you listening experience, but most of the tables will have spare tips that can be used.
    It’s a pretty relaxed and chilled atmosphere so most people are very friendly and helpful, after all we’re all there for more or less the same reasons.
    Maybe make a list of anything you want to try, see them first and then enjoy the rest of the show. It’s all too easy to loose sight of what you originally went to try when you see the amount of shiny things there is on offer.
    Lastly, bring a wad of cash or a fist full of will power!!!!
    Hope you enjoy your first Canjam :L3000:
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  8. Sunstealer
    Thanks Kev G. I thought that most of what you said applied! I'll bring tips, cables and convertors, although I don't have anything with 4.4mm on. I've got my eye on a few companies - shame I cannot see iBasso on the list as of yet...

    I've got a couple of items (not organs though) that I can sell if I get bitten at the show!
  9. KEV G
    No worries, I’ll be there so if you need to try anything with a 4.4 then you could try mine as this is what I use on my DX208Ti.
    Ibasso will not be there, again unfortunately!!
    But plenty of others and I’d imagine a few will be using the DX220 as a demo unit so if that’s what you have your eye or liver on, I’m sure you’ll get to try it.
    The new Fiio M11 looks like a nice dap and at an awesome price as well.
  10. RestlessZombi
    Is it bad that the day before is pay day?? :)
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  11. Sunstealer
    Could argue that mihgt be preferable as if one cannot afford, the gratification will have to wait....
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  12. third_eye Moderator
    Dekoni Audio and oBravo added to exhibitor list!
  13. kefs
    Would love to hear a Burson V2
  14. PhilW
    Thanks Ethan. oBravo are really looking forward to our first London CanJam with two exciting new products.
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  15. third_eye Moderator
    beyerdynamic added to exhibitor list!
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