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CanJam Global 2018 Event Thread (NYC, Singapore, SoCal, London, RMAF, Shanghai)

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  1. noobandroid
    I'm staying right next to Pan Singapore, anyone interested can PM me, we can stay in that hotel for the lower price, although the room is super compact sized, might not be as comfy, but hey, every dime saved here goes to sweeping the canjam floors
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    Question, why doesn't Grado attend the NYC exhibit? Aren't they based out of NY?
  3. icefalkon
    I know they were in Brooklyn, but I think they're in NJ now...someone here probably knows...
  4. bozebuttons
    Still at same location in Brooklyn

    Grado usually doesn't attend exhibits, But John Grado did show up at the First international meet in Queens in 2006

    A bit of history the first 4 NY regional meets 2002-2004 where actually held at Grado labs .
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    I wish they attended, I never got to hear any of their products.
  6. icefalkon
    Cool. Will you be coming to the CanJam? I live in Queens...wish there were regular meets!
  7. Zachik
    Interesting... I did not think about it, but I never auditioned any Grado headphones.
    Now I also wish they were attending :)
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  8. Mark Up
    Think of on-ear open series Audio Technica. Bright voicing, good midrange, decent mid bass that rolls off too soon (very little low subs). Only the ATH-R70x defies that in the bass area and it has a warmer sound up top. I digress. Think of those as on-ear, with a feel to the ear pads that takes some getting used to. It's not the "same" but I mean there are sonic similarities. They are more in-your-face and less about spaciousness. I've seen almost none ever used in recording / mixing studios due to their being so open, not always comfortable, and lacking low subs.
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  9. bozebuttons
    I will be there both days.:)
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  10. jinxy245
    You can also find Grado at Audio46 (attending CanJam...shoot them a message, I sure they'll bring some) AC Gears & B&H
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  11. K1030
    First time attending a CanJam this weekend in NYC. I'm legally blind and any outing is quite the adventure; any tips or insight on the floor plan/exhibits to ease my anxiety lol.
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  12. joseph69
    Grado is located in Brooklyn, NY
  13. joseph69
    You don't know what you're missing. If you get the opportunity to listen to a Grado at CanJam NY definitely do so.
  14. gearofwar
    I will be going this year for sure. Hopefully, i can get that little award icon under my username. Bringing along a modified wm1a, a modified Aether as well as LCD2C, AFO for testing
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2018
  15. Myoilu
    Last year Schiit had a nice pair of Grado's at their booth. can't remember the exact model though.
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