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Can someone receommend $100 or less headphones for PC and Portable listening

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  1. peter123
    The DJ100's are nice but they lack bass impact. I also find them to perform best with an amp.

    I agree on the q40's for best bass cans but the Dolphin's are better for portable use (less leakage and better isolation).
  2. tussinette
    I will have to give these a look (the Dolphin's look terrific btw) but I want to check if they are not too large.
    As my GF says, size sometimes matters...
  3. peter123
    The cup size of the Dolphin's is 7*9*3,5 cm (including the earpads).

    I have to say they're some of the best value I've ever come across.
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  4. peter123
    I've got the ue6000, q40, dj100 and the Dolphin's and for portable use without a amp I prefer the Dolphin's to all of the others.

    That being said they're all good bang for the bucks headphones.
  5. tussinette
    Where did you find them for 99$ shipped? I only see then around 110$ + 20$ shipping
  6. cel4145

    Penonaudio, and they are a good vendor.
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  7. peter123
    +1 on Penonaudio, great seller.
  8. zunehdrocks

    Well seems like they ripped off the name "Denon" and put p LOL
  9. zunehdrocks

    Yes I was talking about the koss prodj100. The prodj100 is a much better headphone over all. Better extension on both ends*, tighter bass, more controlled bass, more forward mids, more highs, much more detailed, and a lot better clarity overall.
    *assuming you use the m50 pads
  10. zunehdrocks

    Did you try them with the m50 pads?
    With the m50 pads
    Soundstage gets a little wider and has a bit more depth
    MUCH better bass extension
    tames the mids a little (still pretty forward btw)
    and it makes the treble a bit more smooth
  11. peter123
    Yes I'm using them with m50 pads. I've also tried them with hm5 and srh840 pads and I agree with you that the m50's are the best.

    I still don't think that bass impact is their strongest point. They're a very nice headphone, but need an amp to shine.
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