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Can Con Sydney Australia 7.0 - Sunday 26 March 2017 -

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  1. sandalaudio
    Hope you can make it. A lot of new headphones to try out as usual...
  2. sandalaudio
    Just received confirmation that Minidisc (minidisc.com.au) can attend the meeting.
    This is great news.
    They will bring Focal Utopia and Elear, but open to any other requests from the store demo units from here:
    Obviously it's not practical to bring everything, and there's no need for duplicates if other members are bringing it in anyway.
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  3. sandalaudio
    Sorry about the consecutive posts. I've just edited the title post with the rules from the organizer.
    Only one month till the meet.
    Feel free to post in this thread for attendance or questions, or PM me at any time.
    Also tell the Head-Fi friends around you about the meet, to tell their friends about the meet...etc..., because that's the best way to spread the word around.
  4. syNRG
    Thanks, I will be bringing...nothing! There isn't much for me to bring these days anyway. 
    Unfortunately my sneaker addiction has taken over and left little money for headphones. I'm keen on trying that HD800s to see if it's worth the upgrade from the HD800, or if the Annex mod will get me close without having to pay a pretty penny.
  5. DJScope

    Unfortunately, I will be overseas on this date, so won't be able to make it.
  6. thecrow
    How about an ad for the meet on the home page of headfi?

    I'm worried it's currently looking like we can all get there in one minivan with a trailer tied to the back for Nori's headphone tree
  7. sandalaudio
    Yea the thread has been very slow. I wonder what happened to the poster/flyer situation
  8. tumble
    If I come (how's that for commitment?!) I'm going to bring Sony MDR-F1s, as well as the Staxes I've already mentioned.

    And also Unique Melody Miracle CIEMs, although that's not much use to anybody because you can't share CIEMs.
  9. syNRG
    If we don't get the people, would it be better to push it back into April? Hopefully we'll get some more interest
  10. sandalaudio
    There hasn't been much posts from the organiser so I don't know what the situation is like (e.g. venue).
    I don't think the current proposed date (26 March) is a particularly inconvenient date, so I am guessing that shifting it back won't double the interested people etc.
  11. sandalaudio
    There is still several weeks until the actual date, so hopefully we get more people posting.
    If anyone is interested in coming then let us know on this thread.
    There's no need to be an expert or bring lots of gear, because our usual core members have enough gear that you will never have enough time to listen to them all in one day.
    More importantly, its the best way to demo some great gear in a quiet environment and have some good conversations. It's better than sitting at home reading reviews.
  12. pkwak
    Hello everyone,

    Just a quick update.
    1. Date: Unfortunately the date cannot be changed as I have already booked the venue.
    2. Poster: I have provided posters to minidisc and Wing has kindly agrred to out the posters up in his shop for us. However, unfortunately addicted 2 audio had a policy where they do not allow any posters put up in their shop. I will try to make and get some broucher for a2a.
    3. Headfi advertisement: I have sent a pm to jude requesting that out meet be advertised on the front page of headfi.org.
    4. Stereo.net.au advertisement: I will be providing a material for our meet and hopefully they will be advertising it on their front page.
  13. pkwak
    Even if the turn out is not great, I am certain I will still have loads of fun catching up with everyone.
  14. UntilThen
    I agree with pkwak. Looking forward to catching up with everyone again.
  15. Mightygrey
    Hi guys, I've spoken with the mods on the r/headphones subreddit and they've agreed it's cool to post there to get some awareness. May be a little more "consumer-y", but will definitely get some more eyeballs.

    I'm happy to make the post if this sits ok with everyone.
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