Camerton Audio Binom-ER — Flagship Isodynamic (planar-magnetic) Headphones
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Nov 28, 2019
A new and really interesting headphone coming from Camerton Audio — German company run by Oleh Lizohub. Mr. Lizohub is from Ternopil, Ukraine, but relaunched the company in Berlin, Germany.


As you can see, it is an incredibly slim and attractive looking headphone. However, it seems to be featuring a on-ear design, and this is something that I am curious about, curious about how it feels and bare against common issues with on-ear ear-pads.


This is the driver being used. This is the description directly from Camerton Audio's website:
Binom-E – isodynamic driver – the perfect solution for creating the highest quality headphones. The sound in this driver creates an ultra-thin 6-micron diaphragm made of polyethylene terephthalate. Its weight is negligible compared to the diaphragm masses of classic drivers. On the diaphragm, through a special adhesive applied aluminum conductor, which occupies almost 99% of its area. The properties of the diaphragm material and the adhesive itself are optimally selected to provide the best acoustical output. Magnetic system of the driver is carefully calculated using the finite element analysis method, performed using super-power neodymium magnets. The optimal interaction of the diaphragm conductor with the magnetic field allows to maximally linearize the operation of latter, achieving unrivaled sound quality. In the driver’s design, metal parts are replaced with carbonic ones, which, in addition to the favorable effect on the driver’s sound, allowed reducing its mass by 25%. The low weight of the driver, combined with a large diaphragm area, makes possible to achieve incredibly detailed and spatial sound. The bass potential of this driver will surprise everyone.

Screen Shot 2021-03-30 at 14.46.59.png

Above are some specifications for the driver.

Screen Shot 2021-03-30 at 14.55.07.png

And here is the manufacturer's description of the headphones. There are some minor grammatical errors like saying "earbuds" instead of headband or headphone yoke.

What we know as of now is that the first batch has been sold out. 6Moons will be writing a review for these and has already published a preview about them. Mr. Lizohub already has in plan significant design changes for the second batch. It is also worthy of mentioning that Camerton Audio has lived up to its previous claims regarding specifications of their Binom-1 loudspeakers, so hopefully the buyers can share their experience under this thread.

Read — Camerton Binom-ER: The Full Story by voja

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Interesting design. How much are they selling for though?
From what I could find, the first batch is €5800, which is a pretty serious price tag. I really hope that the buyers can share their experience and the performance of these headphones.
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Curious. The design is interesting and questionable.
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For those unaware, Oleh Lizohub (founder of Camerton Audio) was born in what is now Ukraine. Camerton Audio also started in Ukraine. With this in mind, please be understanding if things are a little quiet from Camerton's side.

I'm certain that Mr. Oleh has friends and family in Ukraine, and it certainly is a difficult time.

In terms of design. Does it look like the first versions of Binom-ER? Nope. The most prominent changes are the switch from closed-back to open-back, the switch from a polished silver finish of the ear-cup frame to a black finish, and the switch from slim ear-pads to thick (very similar to iBasso SR2's ear-pads, which are amazing).

We are yet to hear the reasoning behind these changes, but I am certain that there is a reason and explanation behind all of these choices.
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To be confirmed with FR measurement, the Binom-ER seemed to me fairly linear. FR ranges from 8hz to 51khz. Of course, frequencies are not audible to these extents but it contributes to the liberation of music on its extremes. The Binom-ER digs into the bass down to sub level with ease. Sensation of impact. Not physical impact with air impact, but you have the sensation of a massive (controlled) rumble. Highs reach peaks to incredible levels but brightness is not constant. It just allows cymbals to shine bright as they do in real life. You may not like it but this is how metal shine sometimes. I didn't perceive the medium region to be neglected or recessed by the extremes. Medium are present. A lot is happening in this area.

The sound experience is super resolving. The Binom-ER is probably the most resolving headphones I have experienced so far. But this not goes with typical cold / analytical / not engaging playback. I found that this resolution allows a very natural expression of music. Instruments are captivating. Voices are authentically human. Tones can be delicate or intense, pending on the music context. The Binom-ER doesn't play the same from a record to another. It doesn't push tones like lots of planar do. Not a headphone for a given music genre but it will beautifully reveal the nature of acoustic instruments.

Soundstage is insane. Not the widest you could find (some headphones being artificially wide BTW) but it expands beyond ears and matches what you would expect from high-end headphones. Depth and relief are phenomenal. You can perceive super clearly where instruments are located in this direction, even with a sense of verticality. Super articulated with lots of air but I have always heard a very coherent musical message. Lots of liquidity. Instruments remains connected. Music comes a whole. Reminds me (the best) speakers sound experience in a room.

Have listened the B-ER with Allnic HPA-5000XL and Enleum. It always conveys the sound signature of each of them. Music was suspended in the air with the Allnic. Very meaty with the Enleum.

What's funny is that you just don't expect such light and fairly compact headphones to deliver so much.
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The black version is a bit underwhelming aesthetically, perhaps the silver one is more lively (photos by 6moons).

A question for Pierre. Since the connectors are quite innovative (USB-C on the headphone side...), a stock cable of your choice is provided, whether 6.3mm jack or XLR4? Or are there both, given the price?

Why that strange padding on the upper side of the headband? Wasn't a carbon fiber cover better?


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Two cables are provided: 1 is a Y cable (2 USB C connectors) with 6.35 + 1 is single wired with 1 USB C connector for DAP (remind that each USB C connector conveys left and right channel). I can’t say if XLR4 is offered for the Y cable. Given the impedance and sensitivity of the Bikom-ER, and its excellent articulation and dynamics as is, I don’t think XLR4 matters.

Headband is covered with black Alcantara except for the damping area where it is grey.
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Two cables are provided: 1 is a Y cable (2 USB C connectors) with 6.35 + 1 is single wired with 1 USB C connector for DAP (remind that each USB C connector conveys left and right channel). I can’t say if XLR4 is offered for the Y cable. Given the impedance and sensitivity of the Bikom-ER, and its excellent articulation and dynamics as is, I don’t think XLR4 matters.
Thanks. Yes, but there are amplifiers that simply works better with balanced connections (one is my Luxman p750, another one Bryston), so a jack cable would simply mean using the headphones at 80%, quality wise. It would be smart by Camerton to include this option.

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