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Calling all 300B addicts

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by muppetface, Oct 4, 2010.
  1. MuppetFace
    So I've heard about this drug called 300B. It's an expensive habit, but users say it makes you hear things in a whole new way, that it gets you to a place most other tubes can't.
    For those of you hooked, tell me all about your tube trips.
    1. What makes 300B special to you over, say, 2A3 or 45?
    2. What genres of music do you listen to with your 300B amp?
    3. Try and describe the 300B magic?
  2. ford2
    It is not expensive,just depends on what you buy.This is a $800 amp.
  3. Gazza
    Well, I use a Manley 300B preamplifier. I don't have a lot of experience with tube gear so I can't really tell you how it compares to other tubes. I listen to about 90% Heavy Metal with the rest being made up of a mix of other genres.
    300B magic? Yes, there definitely seems to be something quite special about the overall sound. Something exceedingly natural and organic that is strangely addictive.
  4. sillysally
    Well there are 300B tubes and then there are Nos match pair WE300B's pre mid 60's, combined with a matched pair of Nos TSRP 6SN7GT's pre 1946. True heaven on earth for what ever you like and that also includes movie hi res sound tracks. Of-course you want to use a high end amp, source, headphones and for good measure a Realiser with the PRIR's from AIX studio.
  5. Frank I


    who is the manufacturer and how does it sound any links that is interesting
  6. Jon L

    Well, in general terms, I prefer 45 and 2A3 over 300B unless you need the extra power.  You also don't specify whether you mean single-ended, push-pull, or other topologies, but they all sound different in various topologies and execution.
  7. mikeymad


    YAQIN MS-300B
    I have not heard it... 
    As far as the 300B's. Yep got hooked a long time ago.. It was pretty simple, they made music the way my ears wanted to hear music. Lovely, rich and detailed. I have only heard one 2a3 amp, and I liked it, but nothing revolutionary for me to switch over. Oh and it is all about the SET for me.

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