1. DavidMahler

    My Review of the Woo Audio 5

      A little over a month ago, I contacted Jack Wu and asked him I would be able to audition one of his amps.  I was happy to find out that he actually had a demonstration Woo Audio 5 that he’d be willing to ship to me.   You don’t need to be around head-fi’s forums for more than a day to know...
  2. Pustik

    300B Headphone Amplifiers

    Hello, what 300B headphone amplifiers are out there? The only one I know is Woo Audio 5LE.
  3. Ferbose

    First Look: Minute EL34 SE Headphone Amplifier from SAC Thailand

      This is a first peek at a new single-ended tube headphone amp from SAC Thailand.   The Minute EL34 headamp is a brand-new model not yet advertised on the manufacturer's website and I am the first owner in the US. It is so amazing that I feel compelled to let everyone know about it...
  4. DavidMahler

    Has anyone compared the Woo Audio 5 to the Manley 300B?

    If so, which did you prefer and why?   Thanks,   -Dave
  5. rosgr63

    DHT Addicts

    What make are your 300B tubes? Any experience with EAT or KR Audio tubes?   Extended the title to include all the DHT's like 10Y, 2A3, 45, 300B, 50, VT-52, 6A3 to name a few. Any comments, photos, hands on experience is welcome.
  6. MuppetFace

    Calling all 300B addicts

    So I've heard about this drug called 300B. It's an expensive habit, but users say it makes you hear things in a whole new way, that it gets you to a place most other tubes can't.   For those of you hooked, tell me all about your tube trips.     1. What makes 300B special to you over...
  7. Caesar2010

    Has anyone heard anything better than the Manley 300B headphone amp?

    The Manley 300B is the best headphone amp I have heard.  Has anyone heard anything better?
  8. zorin

    Amazing tube amplifier ?

    Does anybody own this amplifier ? JJ 322 / JJ 323 [tubes variations] There are some claims that it is an amazing amp. WHAT HIFI magazine claims that it is the best tube amplifier they ever tested. That might be a bit overstated, but does any head-fier own it, what and how is its sound...
  9. Manley 300b

    Manley 300b

    THE 300B PREAMPLlFIER. This is the first and only preamp to feature these classic tubes. We had been designing the 300B into small power amps for many years and have always had great respect for the smooth natural sound of this tube. However, a single 300B provides truly appropriate power and...