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DHT Addicts

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by rosgr63, Mar 12, 2010.
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  1. rosgr63
    What make are your 300B tubes?
    Any experience with EAT or KR Audio tubes?
    Extended the title to include all the DHT's like 10Y, 2A3, 45, 300B, 50, VT-52, 6A3 to name a few.
    Any comments, photos, hands on experience is welcome.
  2. monsieurguzel
    Haven't tried them out yet but I hear great things about the Emission Labs 300B-XLS tubes as well as the 300B-Mesh tubes. Plus they look gorgeous [​IMG] They are said to have excellent definition, clarity, and very good texture.

    The Sophia Princes ones offer a warm tone, full body, and a romantic sound.

    As for the Treasures, they offer the greatest attack among all and have deep bass.

    These are all opinions from Jack Woo himself...
  3. rosgr63
    I see that Jack has a high regard for the Shu Guang tubes.
    He offers their equivalent product as an upgrade to the 6SN7's.
    Any experience with them?
  4. musicmind
  5. rosgr63
    Great link, thanks.
  6. rosgr63
    Changed the title to keep KingStyles happy!
  7. monsieurguzel
    Here's a pretty good review from 6Moons showcasing several recent 300B tubes including EML-300B XLS, Shuguang Treasure, WE 300B, etc...
  8. dannie01
    Both 6SN7 and 300B addict would kill especially for those pricey NOS, be awared. [​IMG]
  9. rosgr63
    There is no hope dannie01, I know!
    Those wonderful EATs and the WEs.
    The worst is I'll have to pair them with the 6SN7's! 
  10. rosgr63
    Any AVVT 300B Mesh or SL (C-37) users?
    What amp have you used them with and how do they sound?
  11. Wedge
    I was curious about the KR Audio 300Bs.  I spoke to Jack Wu through some emails, I wound up ordering EML 300B Mesh with my WA-5.  He told me the EATs which are $500 more than the EMLs are very comparable, so it seemed to be not worth the money.  I guess my only problem is with the price of 300Bs, it will be very challenging for me to do tube rolling.
  12. rosgr63
    The EML 300B Mesh are not a drop in replacement for the 300B.
    So do check before you use them with your amp.
    From a brief encounter with the AVVT AV300BM-C37 (Mesh, predecessor to EML 300BM), they have a different signature from the EAT 300B.
    I assume it will be the same with the EML 300BM, but have not tried them yet.
    The EAT 300B are very detailed, with a nice sound stage, controlled lows nice mids.
    The AVVT AV32B are much stronger on the lower end but don't have the detail of the EAT.
    These are very initial impressions on my system as non of the above have more than 70hrs total run time
  13. sillysally


    Not very good, I am keeping the treasure 300B's as a back up and sold the 6SN7's cheap.I have heard good things about the Princes 300B solid plate.
    As for 300B I think Jack (at least that's how he listed them and what he has said) #1 Choice is the WE300B's. I am guessing he is talking about the original WE300B not the remake WE300b that were used in those comparisons of 300B tubes.
    I was told by the USA distributor for KR to pass on anything that KR makes now, quality control has gone way down.
  14. rosgr63
    Thanks for the info Peter.
    It's a shame KR are not producing the excellent tubes they used to anymore.
  15. Wedge
    So between the EML and EAT which do you prefer?
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