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Has anyone heard anything better than the Manley 300B headphone amp?

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by caesar2010, Jul 22, 2010.
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  1. Caesar2010
    The Manley 300B is the best headphone amp I have heard.  Has anyone heard anything better?
  2. tunarat
    Won the lottery, eh?
  3. Caesar2010


    No not quite.  But as you know, in this hobby, once you hear something amazing you seek it.  And if you get something else, you start thinking about how it would compare to the piece you really want.  Eventually you wind up getting it anyways.   Why not take the most direct path?
    However, I am wondering if there is anything better...
  4. Uncle Erik Contributor
    The best? I'll give the nod to Frank Cooter's amps.
  5. El_Doug Contributor
    If you like the 300B SET sound, you like the 300B SET sound :/  I would argue that there are dozens upon dozens of amps that sound better

  6. santacore
    I have the Grant Fidelity A-534B, which is a great 300B amp, but a bit picky with headphones. You might want to look at the Woo WA5. It's another 300B amp, and has always been one of my favorites at shows/meets.
  7. Caesar2010
    Yes. thanks.  I LOVE the Woo 5.  It's just too big for my space. Also, it is not as good as the Manley in terms of the richness of the musical information.  However, I have heard some other 300B designs that I was not so enamored with. 
  8. Caesar2010
    Anyone?  Anyone?
  9. greg788
    Leben CX300, especially with all NOS tubes
  10. winzzz
     ^ you sure ? have you compared both of them..
  11. pocketchange
    Opinions are like ______ (fill it in)_________.
  12. Kurt Contributor
    No amp at all would probably sound better. And a direct connection to the source should be easy with the Beyer's.
  13. Gazza
    Man, how did I miss this thread? The Manley doesn't get anywhere near the amount of love it deserves on this board.
  14. nikongod
  15. winzzz
    what is your thought bout the manley 300b nikongod ? how good is it ?
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