Buying new headphones as a gift. Help? Recommendations?
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New Head-Fier
Apr 15, 2011
Hi, I'm new(ish) to the world of headphones and such. I've always loved audio and working with it (I do a bit of simple recording with a small 8 input mixer, audio interface and mixing software) but I've never REALLY got into headphones or speakers. So, a while ago, my girlfriend bought some headphones from BestBuy, the Skullcandy Titans (in-ear earbuds) (or somthing like that) for ~$40, but they have sense broke. (Skullcandy seems, to me, like a piece of crap..The sound quality wasn't even that great).
She is always listening to music from her Ipod touch (ALWAYS) she loves music, but now she's listening through the headphones that come with your Ipod. So, her birthday is coming up, and I wanted to get her some new headphones. None of this Skullcandy crap, I wan't to get her something that will BLOW HER MIND (for the price, of course, I'm not made of money) So I'd like some suggestions on what to get around $100 or so, whether specific models, brands, online stores, links would be nice.
And also, I was wondering, Creative is a nice brand for making audio cards for computers, are they headphones very credible?
Thanks for any help in advance
Also, I forgot to mention, she listens to a lot of trance music, dubstep, and some metal, so nice bass response would be one of the main factors
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well there is the creative aurvana live which is supposed to be good.
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Sorry, one other thing I forgot to say, she can't stand over ear headphones, so they're gonna have to be earbuds. Sorry for not clearing that up. But I looked into the created Aurvana in-ear2 they're 80 bucks, and I was thinking about getting them, but I wanted to get some other peoples opinions on what would work best.
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Joker's massive review thread is a good place to start.

Take a look here first.
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I would say the eternas but she doesn't like over the ear headphones. Monster turbines right now are $106 on amazon. You can also check out the Brainwavz M2 and Hippo VB. Like RadI0head said, check out joker's reviews.
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I suggest the meelectronics cc51. Check the review in the multi threat RADI0HEAD posted above. IMO these are one of the most nice looking iems out there. They are made of ceramic and you can chose either white or black.
Also the sound is fairly mainstream with impactful bass and are worn straight down.
If i had a gal i would certainly gift her one of these because i already spent my cash on a 100$ iem. This way i could test hers!


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