1. BosDef

    50% Off Skullcandy... Worth It Yet?

    I currently own some Audio Technica's (ATH-M50) that I use for all my music production and home listening and I really dig those, but I want something for taking onto a college campus, walking, etc. I do want something that sounds good but hopefully would also be durable and portable. I don't...
  2. Hawkeye42

    Sennheiser HD 251 II

    I am very new to the whole headphone world and up in till now have been using a pair of Skullcandy Titans (which aren't the worst pair I ever had but they're not the greatest). I recently came in to a little money and am looking at the Sennheiser HD 251 IIs. I searched for them online and hear...
  3. Ragnell3148

    Ear Soreness

    Does anyone else have the problem where the ears get sore right where the concha of the outer ear meets of the start of the ear canal? I have this problem with some IEMs and not with others and was wondering if you guys had a remedy or something. It's kinda weird... Ones that I have this...
  4. bensal

    Stop hear from the right earphone

    Hello, I have the Skullcandy titan earphones. Couple weeks ago the right earphone stop working. From what i read in the web this is a common issue and the solution is just replace the jack plug 3.5mm. I want to buy this jack plug from eBay. Can someone help me choose which plug to buy? Thank...
  5. shams

    Jvc or sony or skullcandy???

    Hello guys    After 3 years of heavy use of my Sony MDR-AS20J the left side start to fail, so it is time for a new one , I listen to all kind of music but mostly rock and metal and I found 3 headphones that had the most positive reviews and are in the 25$ range : 1-JVC HAFX101A 2-Sony...
  6. ScumbagBrain123

    Anyone with a large experience of IEMs, please help me decide... (Hear me out)

    I am looking for some purely bass specified IEMs. All that matters is bass for me, as I listen to lots of bassy music (although rap happens to be excluded). I want to get the dirtiest, muddiest, loudest bass possible. Yeah, I know, "He wants muddy bass? What's with this guy?". Well, this is...
  7. Newjy

    Skullcandy Titan vs Skullcandy 50/50

    I know that Skullcandy isn't the most popular brand name in this forum, but I have tried out their "ink'd" earbuds and I must say, they are pretty good for their price.   I've been looking at these two Skullcandy earbuds, the 50/50s and the Titans.   Which one is better in terms of bass...
  8. Pingupenguins

    Good earphones for cable mod.

    Im looking for earphones that i can share another ear with another person. Usually with there types of headphones the cable gives out so I'm looking for one that is good sounding and then the cable gives out ill replace it with 24 AWG silver plated copper. anyone know what i can get?
  9. 2Divine

    Newby needs advice!

    Hey guys, looking for a pair of on-ear headphones to replace by Skullcandy TiTans.    These will be my first headset, and i want to do it right. So, im looking for a good-looking, and well insulated pair of headphones with great sound for around $75. in my search i've come between the...
  10. prebuss

    Help me to choose: Sennheiser CX 300 II vs Skullcandy Titan

    Hi all, it good to be back here, with your help I've already bought headphones (full-size), now I need to choose in-ear, yes I hate them, cuz they will never be as good as full-size, but anyway, I need them. Recently found these 2: Sennheiser CX 300 II and Skullcandy Titan. I need...
  11. WuLFiE

    Getting free Skullcandy's also Archos?

    Hey all, forgive me for even mentioning "Skullcandy". But like a little Audio Newb I bought some FMJ's off ebay a few months ago for $28 shipped. After they failed after 5 days.. I sent them into Skullcandy. And so I now have an 80 dollar coupon code I need to get rid of.   So, If you can...
  12. corl45

    Buying new headphones as a gift. Help? Recommendations?

    Hi, I'm new(ish) to the world of headphones and such. I've always loved audio and working with it (I do a bit of simple recording with a small 8 input mixer, audio interface and mixing software) but I've never REALLY got into headphones or speakers. So, a while ago, my girlfriend bought some...
  13. pliusss

    Skullcandy FMJ vs Titan

    Hey guys, I can get Skullcandy FMJs or Titans for free, so which should i choose? Are they better then stock Zune HD earphones?
  14. RaZrReD

    Looking for some good BASS IEMs

    I have been reading around here for sometime now. I am currently in the market for some IEMs with some booming, powerful BASS!  I have  tried: Dre. Beats Tour (I hoped that these would be the "ones") Klipch s4 Skullcandy Titan Monster Turbine  Logitech ultimate ears 350 (which I...
  15. thewalrus0034

    Bose IE - like IEM's

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew of suggestions for IEM's that bore resemblance to Bose's silicon tipped ear buds.  I dislike the standard rubber IEM's for their discomfort as well as cleaning issues, despite the advantages of sound isolation.  I am looking in the $75-150 range.  I would like...
  16. xluben

    Skullcandy Titan Initial Impressions

    My wife was in the market for some new in ear headphones. She wanted something cheap, small, comfortable and fun to listen to. NOT a critical listener. Everything is listened off of her iPod Nano. Often it is audiobooks and TV shows as much as music. In the past she has been happy with...
  17. gbacic

    Skullcandy Titans

    Has anyone heard these? I was surprised to see the positive review on Headroom and was wondering if they really were any good. I need some decent, low price headphones for my iPod and if these are good then I'll pick some up. I know other Skullcandy headphones are garbage (I've heard them)...
  18. Skullcandy Titan Bud Headphones Mac Pink, One Size

    Skullcandy Titan Bud Headphones Mac Pink, One Size

    Get a firm grip on the knurled aluminum housing of the Skullcandy Titan Bud Headphones, or the sonic boom might blow them right out of your ears. These diminutive earbuds fit securely in your canals by means of soft COMPLY foam tips, while the 11mm drivers deliver a pure audio overdose straight...