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Buying earphones: In ear headphone issue

  1. FESakaFOB
    Hello all,

    I want to purchase a new pair of earphones. Currently I was using the bose mei2i because they are the only headphones that fit in my ear. All the other IEMS I have tried don't properly fit the canal and either fall out or hurt. I wanted to by the qc20i, but I have read this thread http://www.head-fi.org/a/headphone-buying-guide, and want to get a pair of earphones that are truly worth the cost. I was wondering if anyone had the same issue and could help me out.

    Thanks so much!
  2. bubsdaddy
    I own both the IE2 and the QC20i. You won't find the same kind of fit and comfort on a standard IEM. That being said, I also own many regular IEMs and can wear them for long periods of time. Tip fit seems to be the key. On almost any "appreciation" thread here specifically concerning praising a single IEM, you will find volumes of discussion on which tip works better. I find that the a good starting point with most IEMs is trying out the Sony Hybrid tips.
    These work well for me with Monster Turbines and Apple Dual Driver In Ear Monitors as well as a few others. Another tip that gives decent comfort and isolation is the foam type tip - comply or generic.
    Here is an example of a generic:
    Also, wearing an IEM with the cable looped over your ear helps quite a bit with comfort and mitigating cable movement noise.
    Good luck and welcome to Head-fi!
  3. FESakaFOB
    Hey Bubsdadd
    between the Monster Turbine and the QC20i, which would you recommend?  And you recommend if I get an IEM to get the sony hybrid tips so they don't fall out constantly?
    Thanks so much for responding!
  4. bubsdaddy
    For sound quality and price, the Turbine and it's variations are the better deal. I use the Turbine as my avatar as it is one of my favorites. I use Sony tips and the comfort and seal works well for me. Everyone has different size ear canals and different tolerances to having a foreign object in the ear canal. As you already own the IE2, I recommend the Turbine and experiment with tips. The Monster Outlet store or Monster's eBay store are pretty good places to find a bargain on turbines.

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