Burson Supreme Sound Audio V5-OPA-D,V5-OPA-S Review

  1. Audio Addict Contributor
    I would contact them. My order shipped in early to mid December and still shows as MIA. I contacted them and have worked it out.
  2. Rick_B

    I did!  Yesterday via PayPal.
    They were great to work with and are dispatching me another one via FedEx Express.
    I can't wait to hear this opamp.
  3. The Chief
    ... a little update, with all 10 resistors with the right orientation... and Texas Components Trim 1240W..... a very nice pair, not for sale... PairofBursonV4rhopointed.jpg
  4. oliwek
    For info : I ordered mine on march 8th ; dispatched 03/10 ; delivered (in Belgium) 03/21. 
  5. Greg121986
    Hey guys,
    I've got a new Gustard H10 from Massdrop that has been working fine. I just received a full set of Burson V5 opamps and they are not working as a complete set. I have the "S" opamp on the headphone output stage and the "D" opamp on the input stage. There is no output when I configure it this way. I put the stock opamp back into the input stage with the Burson "S" opamps in the headphone output stage and it is working. Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong?

    I am using single ended input to the amp. Is there something that renders this inoperable when using the "D" opamp?
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  6. Yethal
    Are you absolutely sure that this amp requires only one single opamp and one dual?
  7. Greg121986
    I was using 4 opamps in total. Two Burson "S" opamps in the headphone stage and 2 Burson "D" opamps in the input stage. But I found the issue and now everything is working. See below.

    I swapped opamps around and noticed there was a gold insert from the IC riser that was stuck in the old headphone stage opamp. There must have been no connection on the headphone output stage because of this. I replaced this insert and used the Burson "S" in the headphone stage and the stock input stage IC as my first test. This worked OK. Now I have replaced the stock input stage with the Burson "D", along with the Burson "S" still in the headphone stage. Everything is working fine now.

    The connection of these opamps is very loose and feels very poor, but I guess this is necessary to be able to easily swap the opamps.
  8. Libertad
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