Burson Supreme Sound Audio V5-OPA-D,V5-OPA-S Review

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  1. James Cygnus
    Where do you find the Burson OpAmaps for sale?
    I've checked the Burson retailer list and they either only have Burson "large" products or don't list anything at all.
    Checking eBay didn't turn up anything either.
    I'd like to upgrade my HT Omega Claro Halo card but finding just the op amps for sale is proving quite a challenge?
  2. raoultrifan
    Just pick your opamp you need from BURSON's products page, then on the bottom of the page you can choose between single and double from the drop-down, then you can do the payment from Paypal.
  3. tl13m
    Go to Burson product page and choose what op-amp you want to buy. In the op-amp page, scroll down and you will see purchase section
    However, If you can find their Distributor in your areas, you can save money (shipping fee) and shipping time. Go to the retailers page and select region (America, Asia...),  check if your country in the list
  4. James Cygnus
    Thanks!  I didn't see the purchase option at the bottom on the Burson site.
    I just rechecked every retailer in the U.S. and none of them list the OpAmps for sale.  About 1/3rd of the sites are little more that static "brochures" while the other only offer a couple of the Burson "finished" products.
    I'm debating if it's worth spending $280 + shipping for the Opamp V5 or $158 + Shipping for the V5i to upgrade my sound card.
    I could get a Schiit Magni 2 Uber for less....
  5. The Chief
    ...so lets smile together; I wish, you could listen to that...
  6. raoultrifan
    Hello James, 
    Just found http://www.computeraudiophile.com/f8-general-forum/burson-audio-supreme-op-amps-4th-gen-ht-omega-claro-halo-project-22536/, http://www.head-fi.org/t/364721/ht-omega-claro-halo-headphone-only-soundcard/360 and http://www.head-fi.org/t/784790/burson-supreme-sound-audio-v5-opa-d-v5-opa-s-review/15#post_12020355. Looks like both SS V4 and SS V5 can fit in there, of course V5i will fit too.
    Anyway, like you said before, price of the opamps might be bigger than price of the audio card itself. First of all you need to understand that default 4580 opamps are really low-noise opamps and sonic differences between originals and swapped opamps might be inaudible! If you really want to upgrade 4580 opamps and get a bit cheaper too, you can swap them with MUSES8820/8920 as follow: 8920 for I/V stage and 8820 for LPF and BUFFERS.
    I'm not sure what's I/V, LPF and output BUFFER on your HALO card, but from the pictures I'd say that, starting to count from left to right of the card (where left is the TPA6120), 1st and 3rd opamps are used for LowPassFilter, 2nd one for I/V and 4th one don't know...perhaps output buffer? If I'm right then you can use them in this order: MUSES8820, MUSES8920, MUSES8820, MUSES8820. Of course, you can aim for MUSES01 and MUSES02 too or just go for the BURSONs, it all depends on how much money you want to invest/spend in this upgrade.
    Good luck! 
  7. EternalChampion
    I've just finished the 200 hours break-in of my 2nd set of 3xV5 duals only to confirm my previous findings: Unless I let them cook for 500-600 hours (followed by about a month of regular use....), no way I'm getting that warm, sweet, full tone they bring when they finally settle.  For now, all I get is a harsh and cold signal, and a dose of....debris!
    Therefore, whoever starts this process, be (very) patience to enjoy the reward!
  8. tl13m
    What you mean debris?
  9. EternalChampion

    Grain [​IMG]
  10. NCSUZoSo
    Just posted my first review for Burson Audio after being selected to review their entire V5 line and their new audio cable is coming up! 
    or you can read it on my new website here: https://zosoncsu.com/reviews/

    I just launched this site a few months back and I have been trying to find time to put towards it. This review was the first real work I had to add lately, but I plan to add engineering projects throughout the semester to the site and my side projects, like a completely custom tube amp.
    The review is 3/4 completed, but right in the home stretch I had a failure and I am working with Burson Audio and FiiO to figure out the issue so I can continue. In the mean time I have promised Burson Audio a full-length video review of their op-amps so I have been playing around with how to compare these op-amps in an analytic way. 

    The best thing I came up with so far was this, but I need something more than just reading my written review as a narrative to this video and pictures.


    (All images/videos are taken by me & edited by me, please do not remove watermarks)
  11. saddleup

    Are you still rolling with this soundcard?  Has it been trouble free all this time?
    I'm so tempted to order up a set of 4.
  12. Voxata
    Never have had an issue with mine, kickin' stuff! They also sport a solid as rock warranty.
  13. newdoughboy
    Mid last year, i traded my desktop to my buddy for his laptop. So i put the original opamps back in the halo. So its been running for 7ish years now. Great card. The bursons are by far the best upgrade you can do to it, and most devices that allow you to swap.
  14. Rick_B
    Has anyone had any delivery problems from Burson?
    I ask because I ordered a V5i to use in my Little Dot amp back on November 30th, my PayPal account was debited, and I still haven't seen it in my mailbox two months later....
    There was a tracking number that only showed that the Hong Kong post accepted the package for transport to the USA on December 13th and nothing else....
    Just wondering....
  15. Andreeas1978
    Mine arrived within a month. (Romania) It came from a Chinese sort of location, can't remember and they even posted a much lower price on the envelope so I didn't have to pay extra taxes, without me asking, though I usually ask if it's possible. I had to pick up the envelope personally from the Romanian postal office. It was delivered to them, not other private carrier. The Chinese sender seemed like a nice seller as he thought of my other custom taxes.. When I have lost packages in the past it was due to the RO postal service unfortunately. 2 months time it's too long for any location on the globe unfortunately! I have received stuff faster even in Afghanistan, Army PO, in war zone!! Try to get track of the item, maybe go to the local PO service and ask. I think this is not OK and I think the sender is not guilty, I never heard of this before with Burson stuff!
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