Burson Supreme Sound Audio V5-OPA-D,V5-OPA-S Review

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  1. tl13m
  2. Audio Addict Contributor
    My single v5i came today. Will first try them out in the SSA Lycan and ultimately in the Apache. :grinning:
  3. Audio Addict Contributor

    The V5i are not compatible without a small adjustment involving snipping out a resistor from each channel. Given my abilities, that did not happen. Instead I just put them directly into the Apache after Alex indicated they should work fine. I replaced the Sparkos Labs SS3601s with the v5i and will let them settle in.
  4. Yethal
    I have both ss3601 and v5i. Really curious about Your thoughts on them.
  5. Audio Addict Contributor
     The v5i have less than 24 hours on them but I think the S3601 has more sparkle on the top end, not in a bad way.  I would also say overall the notes seem more crisp than the v5i.  However, with that said, if I had not heard the S3601, I can't say I would have notice missing those.  Alex said to give the v5i some more time to settle into my Apache.  I must say, they fit perfectly in the sockets as they are a dead similar size and look like they should have been installed there to start with.
  6. Audio Addict Contributor

    I put the SS3601s back in my RSA Apache. They just have better synergy with it all around. The best way I can describe it I don't even think about them being in versus others. I just enjoy the music.
  7. Yethal

    I use the SS3601 on daily basis too. They're just much more transparent than the Bursons.
  8. tl13m

    Which Burson you refer to? V5i or V5?
  9. Yethal
    V5i. Unfortunately I do not own the V5.
  10. tl13m
    I've same impression as you for SS3601 vs V5i. But just note, SS3601/2 is support to compete with V5 (price range and fully discrete design)
  11. Faber65
    I am an old fart (51 y/o) and I've just celebrated 34 years in the agricultural machinery business. Harvester combines are my favorite toys.
    Nothing to do with hi-fi electronics, nor even with music, and probably my ears are not anymore as good as the ones of many of the headfiers here.
    Therefore, please take this review with a grain of salt.
    Recently I bought a Line Audio MG2, a Chinese 15V battery powered amplifier.
    It comes standard from the plant with two OPA627BP (on the gain stage?) and two BUF634 as output opamp/buffer.
    For my ears, this configuration in this specific topology, gives to the sound a warm, not fatiguing signature; trebles clearly rolled off and bass somehow a little bloated and not well defined.
    I listen to the music mainly during my daily commuting to and from work, and in the evening, to relax,
    The sound signature of this not expensive amplifier fits the purpose.
    In spite of that, I found it a little bit too dark in driving the Senn’s HD650 or HD25.
    While in my opinion, it is more balanced and synergic with my Grado SR125i or the AKG K550.
    I had a very good experience with the Burson Lycan with the SS V5, so I decided to replace the OPA627BP with the SS V5i, as they fit into the small case of the MG2.
    Received my two V5i by mail in one week from HK (I live in Shanghai) and I installed them immediately.
    It took two good hours of burning in to start to have an idea of what were the changes made by the V5i on this little amp.
    Then I let it playing consecutively for about 50 hours and start to use it on regular basis during my daily commuting to go to work.
    In total now, the SS V5i have been used for about 100 hours.
    Then I decided to make a real listening experience at home.
    As a DAC I used the Burson Conductor and below you can find my impressions.
    Music listened for the review:
    Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon
    Diane Schuur - Friends for Schuur
    Dire Straits - Love Over Gold
    Beethoven - Bernstein - The 9th Symphony
    Al Di Meola - All Your Life
    Massive Attack - Mezzanine
    Norah Jones - Come Away With Me
    Oscar Peterson - We Get on Requests
    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication
    Charlie Haden & Kenny Barron  - Night and The City
    Miles Davis - Kind of Blue
    Miles Davis - Tutu
    Jean Michel Jarre - Oxigen & Magnetic Fields
    Avi Avital - Between Worlds
    Jeff Buckley - Live at Sin-é
    Salvatore Accardo - The Art of Salvatore Accardo
    Donald Fagen - The Nightfly
    Eric Clapton - Unplugged
    Joe Jackson - Body and Soul
    Headphones: all the four above mentioned.
    Compared to the OPA627, the improvement made by the SS V5i it is subtantial under every aspect; the ones below are my impressions.
    The first thing that I noticed, is on the low frequencies: the sense of congestion that I had before is improved a lot.
    Listening of Mezzanine, once not so pleasant with this amp, became enjoyable.
    The finger picking of Charlie Haden's bass became pretty much realistic.
    Highs. Extended and clear, never sharp and tiring.
    Avi Avital's mandolin or Accardo's violin are sparky but never too aggressive, and I feel that the extension is there, without big roll-off, but not offensive to my ears.
    Obviously this increases the soundstage, and I appreciated a lot in listening to the 9th symphony of Beethoven.
    Again, here the V5i makes the difference as the soundstage became more airy, not a lot, but enough to reduce some of the "claustrophobic" sense that I had using the HD650 with the OPA627.
    Mids. My very personal opinion is that by extending the extreems, also the mids, once pretty much forward but still well defined, became now more integrated.
    The overall listening is more neutral, balanced.
    Somehow like the music was flowing more naturally instead of being "pushed".
    In my opinion, the OPA627BP's are very good opamps, but with the V5i, everything gets a new dimension.
    The instruments are now more defined and spatially identifiable.
    The music is amazingly much more enjoyable, which is the ultimate purpose of our hobby.
    Same sound signature of the siblings V5, even if to my ears not so refined, to me the V5i are a great compromise in case the space is a problem.
    I strongly suggest everyone that wants to upgrade its own rig without spending a fortune, or who has space problems, to consider the V5i as a good option.
    Cheers [​IMG]
  12. tl13m
    V5i is indeed very good P/P upgrade.
    The next op-amp you might try SS3601 :)
  13. The Chief
    I´m doing some research for Heating for direct triodes. I have a VCCS that has a comperator. I had the Idea to replace it with an Op Amp. So I found Burson V4 and tried that instead of the comperator with astonishing sonic results. The only way to top that result was tu replace the resistors of the op amp with one of my favourite resistors. Rhopoint GG102. (You might also try Texas Components TX2575) These two resistors types  have beaten every other type of resistor yet I´ve tried. I feel, all conventional resistors, carbons , metall film ect steal high frequencies and high frequency dynamics. With these resistors, the result sounds opener and more holographic. You don´t even have to use bypass caps in your cirquit. They never can replace, what other parts steal.
    Now, a burson Op Amp sounds good, but with GG102 instead, the sound gets mor open and more holographic. And it´s also very important, in which direction the resistors are soldered in!  I wonder what happens, if you put this into an Audio cirquit; as mentioned, I have made my hundreds of listening tests with op amps as comparator...
  14. markk02474
    FYI, Sonic Imagery has a version of their discrete op amps that uses TaN and bulk metal foil resistors by special order. I think just critical resistors are upgraded and the cost nearly doubles. I've been happy buying very low noise discrete regulators from Sparkos Labs, but not used any yet in heater supplies.
  15. Libertad
    Man thats metal AF hardcore and awesome! Your modding skills are on a higher lvl.
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