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Burson Soloist SL MK2 Appreciation/Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by nordkapp, Jan 3, 2016.
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  1. nordkapp
    Oh man, that's rough. I'd be crawling out of my skin. Call them soon if nothing happens today.
  2. torpedorag
    Someone replied when i messaged their facebook, but no update until now. argghhh LOL
  3. cmacsocial
    Reporting back! I LOVE this amp. It's my first desktop amp--all I have to compare it with is my old Oppo HA-2 portable amp. Here are my thoughts on the Soloist SL MK II, which is driving my EL-8 closed-backs:
    As many people say, it feels "like a veil was lifted off" the music: Much better layering than with the HA-2. With rock and house/dance music, the bass is tightened up and more powerful. I have way more headroom than with the HA-2; even with low-volume-recorded classical music, I can go as loud as I can stand yet not hear any background hiss. With the HA-2, some recordings (even non-classical) would reveal hiss once I hit 4 or 5 on the volume pot.
    The L gain setting is perfect for IEMs: my 2009-era FutureSonics Atrio M5 sound great--plenty of punch. My Grado SR-60i sound excellent! Pair the SR-60i with a solid headphone amp = impressive sound on a budget. Of course, pairing with the EL-8 is what rocks it out the most. 
    After using the SL MK II, I've concluded perhaps only the top-end portable amps (Mojo, Sony PHA-3, etc.) have enough power to drive the EL-8s, and that, to take the EL-8s to their peak performance, you must pair with a desktop amp -- at least 1000mW needed. However, for workouts, plane flight, on the go, doctor waiting room, etc. the HA-2 is perfect.
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  4. cmacsocial
    Now the possibilities swirl: How can I use this amp with my Paradigm Soundtrack soundbar or Oppo BDP-103 Blu-Ray player? 
  5. nordkapp
    Nice, thorough autopsy there. Not surprised either,I will say. If I ever go small footprint again, it'll likely be w/that amp. Just sit back and enjoy.
  6. drac079
    Hi cmacsocial, I've got several questions about the Burson Soloist SL MK2 and was hoping you wouldn't mind answering them? :) Just straight to the point brief answers are fine.
    I would be pairing it with an Odac, which I'm assuming will work well. Anyways on with the business!
    1) How is the soundstage of this amp, is it large, wide/deep? I'm upgrading from an O2 amp and am concerned I'll lose soundstage. As I'll be using this not only for music, but for gaming and movies also so the soundstage is important.
    2) Would you call the amp neutral/warm? With some fun?
    3) Is it smooth and easy to listen to (not bright)?
    4) How are the highs, smoothed out like the Soloist SL?
    5) Does the sound have some weight/body to it (natural sounding), or is it thin sounding?
    6) How is the speed of the amp? Natural sounding or a little extra speed?
    7) Would you call the sound detailed and clear/clean sounding overall (not overly smoothed over/warm sounding)? Is it lacking in detail in some area?
    8) The Soloist SL apparently has a some what distant/quiet/muffled mid range (apparently.. or at least not forward sounding), how are the mids with the MK2?
    Thanks a lot for any response you can give. Some similar questions there, but figured I'd break it down and attempt to make it simple. The amp might need more burn in for 100% accurate answers, but at least I'll have some idea.
  7. bharat2580

    Ill answer the questions as i have both the O2 and the Soloist SL,
    1) O2 has a lot of volume but sounds utter **** compared to the SL which is a great amp for planners and normally every can out there other then slow dynamics like the 650 and 600 where tube amps shine
    2) its neutral maybe with a touch of warmth, great tonality
    3) its not bright or edgy but not too smooth, the perfect mix
    4)the SL doesn't have smoothed out highs, they are spot on
    5) yes it has some weight +2/10 lets say, not too much like a tube amp
    6) fast very responsive
    7) its a amp how will it loose detail, it can add noise which it doesn't as far as i can hear its punchy fast not and neutral maybe just a touch warm to keep things interesting , if you upgrade from the O2  well this is how a amp sounds.
    8) the mid range is quite good nothing is muffled, its neutral so the mids do not shout in your face, its clean powerful and great sounding.
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  8. drac079
    Thanks bharat, you've been an awesome help. Ordered the SL MK2 so I'll get to enjoy it soon, sounds like it'l be more than good enough for me.
    I just wonder a bit about your comment regarding the HD650, as I've got this HP and from what I've read its supposed to be a good match, as good as other quality SS amps in this price range (if not better)? I guess your just saying that you'd consider it at its best with tubes?
  9. bharat2580

    yes , its just not so good with a lot of amps buts with some its gets so much better, anyways i am selling my bruson if you are interested 
  10. drac079
    Bought the MK2 so no need, thanks for the offer though, and the info. :)
  11. cmacsocial
    Was out of town! Sorry I couldn't answer your questions in time! 
  12. drac079
    No worries at all.
  13. torpedorag
    Got mine today. I paid for a mk1 but they sent me the mk2. My headphones didnt sound this good before!

    Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk
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  14. cmacsocial
    What do you notice different? Let's hear your impressions (once you've given it time)
  15. torpedorag
    Initial impression using my k701 is that bass presence was greatly improved. My k701 really extends low. Vocals was also improved and the upper mid peak was tamed. Haven't used my lcd-2 and he400s yet. I'll wait till the weekend for those lol

    Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk
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