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Budget Streaming Source query…..

  1. Paul Graham
    Question for my audiophile, headphile, DJ, Sound engineer etc friends….. I have a rapidly growing collection of DSD/FLAC etc files that I listen to a lot on my portable and desktop headphone rigs, However, Ild like to listen to them on my main hi-fi as well. I can run my macbook through a DAC to my amp, However, I only hold about 5% of my digital audio collection on the macbook, Its a pain having to move files around all the time and watching hdd space. So I'm looking into a streamer. I really like the Cambridge Audio StreamMagic6 but at nearly 800 quid its a big NO NO. I don't want to touch any cheap chinese no-name box not knowing if its got the alleged specs or not, So IMO the Logitech Squeezebox looks like a decent affordable solution, Am I right??? Will it do those high res files justice or not? Im looking at getting it for my birthday in June, So I have time to save up for it. Any advice would be well appreciated. [​IMG]

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