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Brand new - Zishan Z2 DSD Player- AK 4490 - Link to order, Firmware update. page 1

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by musicday, Jul 7, 2017.
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  1. musicday
    New player just been released. As you can see this is a improved model over the previous.
    New Zishan Z2 with AK 4490 chip DAC.
    Z2 Vs Z1:

    1. DAC upgrade to AK4490, AK38O is also using the DAC.
    2. DSD playback up to DSD64 \ 128 \ 256 .
    3. Upgrade to an independent OP275 LPF circuit
    4. Upgrade the op amp power supply system plus or minus 13V, a total of 26V power supply.
    5. Upgrade the amp amp as LM4562NA.

    Max Support :256GB Micro SD.

    New firmware released 1.08.2017

    0.2 update log:

    1. Supports AIFF music with suffix aiff aif
    2. Fixed some large files ALAC music cannot be played
    3. Fixed part of the wav file at the end where was noise problem

    https://pan.baidu.com/s/1eSszdHw#list/path=/ZiShan Player 固件/Z2&parentPath=/ZiShan Player 固件

    How to update your Zishan Z2 firmware:

    Unzip the file in the root folder of the micro sd card. Turn the Z2 on, and the firmware will start automatically. Usually takes 3-5 seconds, after the light stops flashing , is done. Delete the firmware file from the card root and you done.

    Listen to the left right test on this website using the Z2 as a DAC. If left is left and right is right, then it's up to date: http://www.audiocheck.net/audiotests_index.php
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2017
  2. musicday
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2017
  3. JesvsR
    I think I will be one of the first owners... cause I've almost sold my Z1 hehehehe
  4. Ver JJ
    That is quick..... I kind of laugh a bit when I saw the description stating "Luxury Metal unibody, Fashion Aluminum alloy casing", thank you anyways for starting this thread.
  5. noknok23
    I suspect my burson opamp will sound much better on this as well as my high impedance earbuds. Dear, it's hard to resist.
  6. fairx
    I had a hunch something like this would happens as soon as I ordered Z1. Chi-fi sure produce stuff at breakneck speed. Well for the price to get low cost ak4490 I have no complain though. Will order this as soon as impressions came in. Hopefully it can double as a proper Dac, and somehow support akm digital filters too. Finger crossed.
  7. JesvsR
    Just ordered it!¡
    noknok23 and fairx like this.
  8. Ver JJ
    Hey, didn't notice you are also from Malaysia, may I ask do you know a music store called Stars Picker?
  9. fairx
    yes.. I ordered few stuff form them. But never been there myself. I frequent E1 in Sg Wang and Jaben in Sentral. I live in Perak and spend very limited time in capital KL. My visit usually work related and always "balik hari" . BTW i actually just update my profile :wink:
  10. Ver JJ
    I see, I often visit there because I go to my College by train and Stars Picker is just a few stations away. Never been to Jaben...... maybe I will visit them soon....
  11. Tympan
    Does anyone know if Z2 can skip folders?
    (MAJOR function missing on Z1, as far as I know..)
  12. noknok23
    You'll be happy to find out that hit 'pause, next' does folder skip on z1
    Tympan and Ver JJ like this.
  13. noknok23
    Nicehck as nice discount atm, better than banned seller. Anyone knows a better discount?
  14. Ver JJ
    Ha ha, pitty you having to answer the same old question countless of times.
    noknok23 and james-O-hifi like this.
  15. chickenmoon
    I don't see a discount in either shops, they are both at £36.77.
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