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Bowers & Wilkins PX Noise-Cancelling Over-ears

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Blinxat, Sep 29, 2017.
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  1. guerillaw
    Most macbooks do aptx, but not the iphone.

    Without apt x Bluetooth is lossy and will sound worse.

    Id encourage you to compare the same song on your phone vs mac.

    Also, with apple music you can be listening to a lossless rip of a cd you own but on your phone its a downloded lossy version.
  2. Asspirin
    Also a good seal is critical. Sometimes my PX sound a little thin for the first few minutes, until the earpads are warmed up and adapt better to my head's shape.
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  3. jlp0209
    Exactly. A good seal is very important and also a major pain in the rear with the PX. Sweet spot is just so narrow and I need to move the ear cups around every time. Just got the Sony XM3 to test out, very pleasantly surprised, will eventually sell the PX. They "just work" and the sound is consistent every time.
  4. hifi80sman
    Any new word on magnetic replacement 3rd party ear pads?
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  5. KazShi
    Any way to downgrade firmaware on these headphones??
  6. garethr
    I don't believe so, although not sure why you'd want to. B&W have been very good with consistent incremental improvements to these.
  7. KazShi
    Because my headphones sound inconsistent. Sometimes good sometimes like amy regular cheap ones. I think it’s software problem.
  8. nunomeneses
    For those who don't use the anc here's a battle I will make. Had px almost since launch and now I bought m50xbt ... I wanted a bit more low end and more sparkle on highs let's see.... Hear...
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  9. Jazz1
    Please let us know what you think about the sound, between the two. Thanks!
  10. billbishere
    I dont have to hear the m50x to know the BW blow them away! All BW needs is a little EQ.
  11. nunomeneses
    How do you do that? I have to hear and alot to have a reasonable opinion about comparing these two...
  12. Vesperaudio
    available, but with disclaimer, pm me if interested.
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2019
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  13. hifi80sman
    Interested to hear your thoughts. Neither are comfort kings, but for me, the M50xBT is more comfortable. However, I find the mids on the M50xBT a little thin, while the PX is overall more detailed headphone with a better soundstage. The M50xBT sound really good, but with ANC off, I think the PX has a more "mature" sound.
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  14. nunomeneses
    Well I am not a reviewer but I will make my thoughts on this. When you compare these two head to head without any eq using aptx/hd and anc off. You have the impression that the tonal balance of the px is way off. And that's because of the bump on mid bass on the px.

    In terms of frequency response, I think the m50xbt almost nailed it. If they had that extra upper treble and little less mid high.... But hey is not that terrible. The px has that bump on mid bass and voices and certain instruments sound hollow in comparison. But that's difficult to compare because in the px you have depth and in m50xbt is more in your face like a monitor it is.

    In the end my opinion is that I can feel the drivers on px are class superior but there's a audio process going on the px and even bad audio files sound better. Is like in the process of sending bluetooth audio they upscale and process sound so you hear that way. You have stage depth and like a 3d image making the sound more detailed somewhat but not 100% accurate. In the m50xbt is more of a monitor raw sound. And they escalate with good files and good recordings. I find them sometimes thin on mid high yeah but I then here something different and they are not thin.

    In comfort I know the px is case related and in my case they are just perfect. Never heated never discomfort... In m50xbt I have hear discomfort because the ear is touching the inner part and in time tends to hurt the ear. The heat is not like Sony xm3 they really overheat but they are not px. I think px nailed the heat because of real leather and not faux leather like almost all others.

    What I can really tell is that m50xbt worth every penny of the cost. If you don't need anc and don't wanna spend hundreds they are the safe and best buy.

    That's it for initial thoughts. Hope it helps...

    Ps: still love the px. I will continue listening and make more thoughts on these
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2019
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  15. songoftime11
    Hi guys. Last Saturday I was coming back from a conference in Germany, on the road back from the airport to home I stopped at a restaurant to eat something and some bastard somewhat revealed all my luggage in my car trunk with a NLJD, broke the glass and stole my laptop my watch, my backpack, my home keys and my Bowers & Wilkins PX. FML.

    So I'm searching for a new good Bluetooth headset, preferably with noise canceling. The sound quality on the B&W PX was amazing but the comfort was not so good. Also, I think the sound signature was a little bit dark and muddy for me. Have you got any suggestions? I was looking for the Sony 10000xm3, they seem nice, but I don't know much about their sound quality. The build quality seems poor and they're not as beautiful as the PX.
    I am also considering the Bang & Olufsen H9i. They are beautiful, but I don't know if the anc is good, and mostly I think they do not support high quality Bluetooth codes (the PX have aptXHD and the Sony have the LDAC, B&O have the AAC but I don't know if it's supported by Android).
    Have you got any suggestions?
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