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Oct 15, 2018
Hi! What's the best way if any to boost the vocals of a song that is already mastered and I only have access to the wave file not the mix(the audio stems). Basically if you want to boost the vocals of a song from YouTube but just the vocals how can I do it? EQ? Or a special plugin? What should I do?
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The only plugin I have that's designed to directly do that is izotope ozone master rebalance. It literally has a slider labeled vocals to boost or cut it. It's much less destructive to the instruments than any effect chain and processing I could come up with on my own. I've just tried it and it could boost the vocals on my test file around ~3dB or so without affecting anything else all that much.

The only time I tried doing something similar (way before I got that plugin) is when I tried to decipher some noisy speech that was unintelligible. In that case I didn't have to worry about fidelity so I could use anything that made the speech clearer like bandpassing, dynamic EQ, noisegates etc.

If you don't want to get the plugin you can send the files to me if you want and I can run it thourgh for you.
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This should be the file. I actually edited that file with an EQ(changing not only the vocals and it turned out pretty good)but I am sending you the raw unedited file so you can do the vocal processing and when you send it back to me I will compare it with the other one where the whole song is processed not only vocals and whichever one sounds better to me I will keep.

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