1. F

    Looking for intimate, evocative, vocal based IEM

    Hello @all! I'm looking for a new IEM. Budget is about 800 € (if I can find it used for this price it would be also okay) The more I researched on the net, the more uncertain I got. I visited a store about 3h away from me and will share my experiences in a moment. Before briefly about my...
  2. KBEAR Neon

    KBEAR Neon

    Neon is the first mid-focused iem of KBEAR. With a unique look, some people say it's like a bullet while others may think it looks like a perfume. What do you think of it? Specification: Brand: KBEAR Model: Neon Sensitivity: 105dB Impedance: 14Ω Interface: QDC Plug type: 3.5mm Frequency range...
  3. gaming

    Best headphone for voices?

    What's the best wired closed back headphone under $300 for hearing voices? Not vocal music but people speaking on Youtube Their voices have to be crystal clear but not fatiguing to listen to for hours And same question but with a $700 budget
  4. R

    IEM for vocal centric tracks? Eyeing on Shure se846

    Hey head-fiers! I'm looking for recommendations on In ear monitors for enjoying crispy treble and glittering clarity of vocals in vocal centric tracks. Currently using a pair of Andromedas 2020 nearly but not completely satisfied with it. Might be using it occasionally for commute so eyeing on...
  5. S

    Impactful voice?

    Hi! Can you tell me EQ parameters to put in my EQ(for example 4khz +2db and so on...) so that the vocals in my music are impactful(they feel close and natural,like you are close to the singer) but not peaking? If I turn the mids up a lot it is kinda like that but they also peak a lot.
  6. S

    Boosting vocals

    Hi! What's the best way if any to boost the vocals of a song that is already mastered and I only have access to the wave file not the mix(the audio stems). Basically if you want to boost the vocals of a song from YouTube but just the vocals how can I do it? EQ? Or a special plugin? What should I do?
  7. B

    Next step up from HD 660s

    I have the hd 660s which im looking to upgrade(hopefully an upgrade in everyway) from which i upgraded from the X2'S Fidelio. I plan on selling my hd 660s once i find an upgrade for them but keep the x2s for gaming. I listen to predominantly Japanese rock and Jap/kor pop music and really enjoy...
  8. S

    Which DAC?

    Hello! I am wondering which DAC to buy. Between the Fiio E10K, Audioquest dragonfly black and Fiio Q1ii which one is the best overall? Also which one is the best for smooth vocals because I currently have a problem that the vocals are a bit harsh on some songs.(fixable by EQ by lowering the...
  9. conquerator2

    FS - HIFIMAN Edition X v2

    Hey guys, I am looking to sell my Edition X v2 which I've acquired about a month ago. I received it in pristine condition and am the second owner. However, as you can see and due to my own stupidity trying to change the headband, there is now a shallow scratch on one cup and the pads have lost...
  10. Fideon

    IEM with great soundstage, vocals, and clarity. Proper bass and highs. ~400 USD (can be used)

    So as title says, I'm looking for IEMs that have: - Great, wide soundstage - Great vocals/mids - Great clarity. Instrument separation/Details - OK bass (accurate, powerful. Not muddy or boomy) and highs (controlled, free of harshness). - Good Isolation. I have around 400 USD. Willing to buy...
  11. bitpawp

    Beoplay H4, AKG Y50BT or other? Looking for Wireless Bluetooth headphones with punchy bass and mids that allow for clear vocals

    I really want some wireless bluetooth headphones and have tried a few and can't seem to find what I'm looking for. I like punchy bass (without being excessive like with beats) but also being able to hear vocals in the mids. So I guess punchy bass and clear mids? I'm currently investigating the...
  12. Erwan

    Headphone Recommendation ($200<)

    So I posted this in the Headphone Full-Size thread and realized I should've posted here. Even though I got some responses there, I wanted to try posting here too to see if anything changes. I haven't been on this forum in a while and (unfortunately) forgot about it when I bought my last pair of...
  13. Erwan

    Headphone Recommendation ($200<)

    I haven't been on this forum in a while and (unfortunately) forgot about it when I bought my last pair of headphones but I'm glad I remembered about it a few days ago. I'm relatively new and don't consider myself an audiophile but I'll try my best to describe what type of sound I like. My...
  14. calpiyuki

    Help~ Need recommendation for beautiful vocals.

    Long story short I used to own JhAudio angie and so far it's the only headphone/iems that had ever made me tear up while listening to Rebeca Ferguson; not with se846, nor with ca andromeda, neither with hd6xx. I guess what's been missing is the thickness or full bodiness of vocals? I am...
  15. R

    Vocal Removal without turning songs into Tin Cans?

    I'm a novice audio editor with some decent experience (i.e. about 7 years experience editing others' tracks with free programs and a 1300 song handpicked lossless library). I want to experience music my way. I go out of my way to get vinyls that have one song I want, just to get the right...
  16. Cloudtastrophe


    Like new MDR 100aap's! I have maybe 15 hours on these. They are true successors to the mdr1r's and mdr1a's with their titanium coated drivers. They sound more airy with better treble extension and much better controlled low end. I'm really sorry to let them go since they look and sound so nice...
  17. patricky123

    Help!! Beyerdynamics DT770 pro VS bang and olufson H6

    Hi, I am getting a new headphone and I am really stuck between the beyerdynamics DT770 pros and the Bang and Olufson H6. I did research that dt770 are better than m50x but due to lack of resources on the dt770 idk if it's better than h6. I really want isolation and good sound, bough not an...
  18. C

    Is this normal for Sony MDR-1R headphones?

    Hello. I'm not very experienced in high-end music devices and those things, so please, be kind if my question is stupid. But I can hear and appreciate the difference between these headphones and good earphones like Sony EX650AP. I'd like to ask if it's normal that while I'm listening to some...