1. P

    I have playback problems with my iFi micro iDSD Signature

    I recently got my hands on this dac and it plays flawlessly when paired with the USB Player Pro app but when I wanna listen to music on the Youtube app or on Spotify/YT inside the Chrome browser, 95% of the times I get this weird buzz that loops (at the rhythm of the song???) and it's hella...
  2. TaronL

    HEDD Audio x Livestream

    Join us in 5 minutes (10am PST, 1pm EST) over on The HEADPHONE Show as Resolve live streams with the crew from HEDD Audio, live from our Vancouver office! We're also giving away a brand new HEDDphone TWO on the stream so be sure to sign up and tune in!
  3. GREQ

    I started a YouTube channel for vintage headphone reviews

    Comment, subscribe, hurl anonymous abuse!! All are welcome!! I uploaded my first video today on the Sennheiser HD450II... I've got at least 50 more videos to go ;) I'm not completely sure about the style, but it will evolve as I go, and of course...
  4. Trihexagonal

    YouTube shorts we can't live without

    What silly or awesome thing did you just see on YouTube shorts you just know we can't live without? hoopsiedaisy!
  5. S

    Boosting vocals

    Hi! What's the best way if any to boost the vocals of a song that is already mastered and I only have access to the wave file not the mix(the audio stems). Basically if you want to boost the vocals of a song from YouTube but just the vocals how can I do it? EQ? Or a special plugin? What should I do?
  6. Abyss Headphones

    ABYSS Top Of The Line videos

    We continue to expand on interesting headphone audio videos. Check out our Youtube channel...
  7. A

    It is worth buying expensive headphones to listen to music on Youtube?

    Hi, i wonder if it´s worth buying expensive headphones (like >$200) to listen to music on Youtube. I know there is a limit (192kbps) on the Youtube sound quality, so would i notice the difference between $200 and $1000 headphones if i listen music only via youtube? What would be the most you...
  8. dotrunghieu

    Anyone headphones make shaking sound at max volume (the test link inside)

    While I am listing something on YouTube, I find down something on this video, that is about fan noise: All my headphones connect to iFi Pro iCan amplifier. My HiFiMan HE1000 (balanced output) makes shaking sound so bad at max volume. Like I feel my HE1000 drivers will be broken, I have to...