Bluetooth type for lossless CD rate transmission?
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I have several DAC/amps (e.g., Chord Hugo) that can receive their digital stream via Bluetooth. I have been hesitant to use that feature, using for example my iPod or my Lotoo PAW 5000 as wireless source, because I do not know whether they transmit the digital stream at the lossless CD rate (44.1 sample/sec, 2 channels, 16 bit samples) at which my music is stored.

What type of Bluetooth should I be looking for (e.g., Apt-X, Apt-X HD, SBC, other?)
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Both your source, and the bluetooth receiver will firstly need to be compatible with one of the higher-resolution Bluetooth formats - I think from memory the Hugo uses Aptx, whereas iPhones use AAC codec.

Bluetooth isn't *quite* up to lossless standards yet, but Sony's LDAC comes pretty close, with Aptx-HD not far behind.

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