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Bluedio impressions thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Slater, Jul 18, 2018.
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  1. Slater

    I am driving on the highway right now. I happened to have the TN with me, so I tested them on the highway with both windows down and a speed of ~80mph. Music was set very low, about 2 on a 10 scale. I wanted to hear the road and wind noise over the music (to give the ANC a difficult task), vs trying to drown out the noise with the music.

    The TN’s ANC cut the deafening wind noise by about 80%, and sounded like a light breeze in the background. As far as the music, I couldn’t even tell that the ANC was active. Very impressive.

    Also, the highway wind noise is very similar to the type of noise you hear in an airplane cabin.

    So this goes to show that ANC performance varies with the type of noise (and I suspect Bose and Sony performance would vary also). It didn’t work that powerful with a vacuum cleaner, but worked awesome with the wind noise.

    Update #2: As promised, I performed some more ANC testing. For a lawn mower (24” push style, not a large riding mower), ANC cut the noise by about 80%! I am definitely going to mow the lawn with ANC on from now on (vs no ANC like I’ve been doing). For an 18v power drill, it made about a 5-10% difference. In that case, I wouldn’t even bother using ANC because the battery life would be reduced for no real ANC benefit. For an angle grinder (which has failing bearings, making it 3xs louder than a normal angle grinder), it cut the tool noise by about 50%. For a leaf blower, it reduced the noise by about 25%.

    So Bluedio’s ANC (in the TN at least) seems to work more effectively on lower frequency noises (wind, lawn mower, etc), and less effectively as you get higher frequency (drill, vacuum cleaner). This makes sense, because microphones have more trouble accurately picking up high frequencies. My guess is Bluedio can further improve ANC performance by installing microphones with a wider dynamic range.

    Also, I want to clarify “wind” noise. The kind of wind noise ANC cuts down on is indirect wind noise. So in a car with the windows down, a convertible, in a plane, etc. this would be the wind itself making audible noise, but not blowing directly on you. If you were to stick your head all the way out the window on the highway, that would be direct wind noise, which ANC can’t overcome. In fact, while bicycling (15-25mph), ANC makes wind noise about 25% LOUDER! So when you are in direct wind, you want ANC disabled.
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  2. mattcooperkay
    First reviews of the T6 over on AliExpress aren't looking to great. Seems to be a rehash of the T5s, with all the same problems.
  3. Roderick
    After 11-12 days my t6 has not even shipped yet. I've ordered dozens of items from aliexpress and never had my order processed this slow...
  4. CardigdanWalk

    It makes me wonder if they TM was actually the real bargain of the sale and had Better insidess givens it’s Bluetooth 5.0

    Mine is “shipped” but is stuck on parcel label generated stage. Apparently they have overwhelmed the logicistics warehouse and is going to take up to 15 days to clear the backlog!
  5. Roderick
    same here. It was "shipped" on 19th and tracking number was created. However nothing has happened since. Singapore Post or 17 track show nothing with that tracking number. Guess I should not complain because it is FREE shipping and I have more headphones coming in than I can handle anyway... Still...annoying.
  6. CardigdanWalk
    I know it may come across a being spoilt, but right now I do feel like we can complain.

    For me:

    1) I ordered in the first minute of the sale, based on the fact they said they had very limited stock and a countdown timer. Yet they have not shipped in order of orders, people who have ordered after me already have their products. That’s bad logistical management and customer service.

    2) they said they only had limited numbers at the sale price, eg 5000 of the T6. This encourages me to order early in order not to miss the deal. I also ordered multiple things (my choice) before they “ran out”. Yet the limited numbers was a lie. They kept “topping up” the counter and perhaps forgot AliExpress shows how many orders have taken place. The T6 went from 2500 to 10,000 in the day. So the limited number of products was a lie. That’s just plain deceitful and money grabbing.

    3) In the last few hours of the sale they introduced a coupon to reduce the price even further. Fair enough, they are entitled to do that. They want to drive sales, but if you are at least make sure you have the resources to process those orders. If you don’t that’s poor operational management.

    So look at it from my point of view. I ordered at the very start, paid the most and bought a few products and have yet to receive anything.

    My friend, who I persuaded to buy some of their products, and ordered right at the end, paid less than me,and already has his products.

    So right now, my customer experience of Bluedio is awful, I’ve paid and they have fraudulently marked it as shipped, and if I had the chance to cancel my order I would, bargain or not
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  7. Slater
    I don’t mind the long wait, but I’m more worried about the comments/reviews.

    I just got done reading all of the reviews on Aliexpress. I agree it’s not looking too good.

    1. No volume switches on the headphone, and everything must be done on the device? A lot of comments mention the volume does not get loud enough. I wonder if this depends on the source device? Because it has a built in amplifier, so it should be capable of blowing your eardrums out.

    2. No usb-c to 3.5mm cable included? That sucks. I want to run mine wired, and I sure hope the cable from my 4S works.

    3. ANC sounds like the same crappy version that’s on the 4S. I wonder why they didn’t use the version that’s on the TN?

    4. Manual says to change the default language, you push buttons that don’t exist. So I guess we’ll be stuck with whatever language it ships with (I sure hope it’s English).

    5. 2 people mentioned that the pads are not that great - 1 said they are really shallow, abd the other said they’re smaller than the photos lead us to believe. From the photos, I was expecting them to be about Audio Technica ATH-M40/50 or even Brainwavz HM5 size.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2018
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  8. BadReligionPunk
    I agree. I set the alarm for 1:58, and ordered at 2am. My packages were marked shipped about 12 hours before order was set to cancel. They obviously skirted AE's consumer protection by just marking all orders as shipped. Now they have 55 days. Im pretty sure at this point im just going to sell the unopened headphones as soon as I get them, if I ever get them, and never deal with this company again.
  9. Slater
    For the price I paid, if they end up sucking, I’ll just use them as donor shells (assuming the comfort is good). Bluedios are consistently easy to disassemble and work on. It will be easy to swap the stock drivers for 50mm drivers, remove all of the Bluetooth stuff, and wire in a 3.5mm jack. I hope it doesn’t come to that though.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2018
  10. base08
    Some info that I collected that should appease some of the concerns:

    1. The 3,5mm to USB-C audio cable will work with the T6 and the TM, so no worries there.

    2. This same cable will be officially sold in their shop soon, for the owners who bought the T6 or the TM. I don't know the cost...

    3. The ANC of the T4/T4S is a lot more inferior to the T6... On the other hand the noise reduction capacity of the T6 is similar to the one present in the T5/T5S.

    4. The sound quality of the T6 with ANC activated is still affected for the worse like previous models.

    5. The volume on the T6 should blow your head off according to two owners I spoke to.

    6. The sound signature is more akin to the one present in the T4S and less balanced like the one on the T5, which should appeal to bassheads who complained with the T5...

    Edit: I just now read the comments on the low volume and I think must be some bug in the firmware or incompatiblity with the new 5.0 chip... Because they said it's very loud on their phones...
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2018
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  11. Slater

    Cool, thanks for the info. I’m glad the cable will be available separately.

    As far as the tuning, the drivers are extremely easy to tune. With only tape, you can make them boom boom basshead, balanced, or even bass shy.

    I provided instructions on the 1st page of this thread.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2018
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  12. mattcooperkay
    I'd be keen to hear whether or not you do this to your T6's, and if you do, what variation provides the best sound.
  13. Slater
    I will for sure.
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  14. james wood
    what's the major updations in T6 ???
  15. base08
    Here's some video review:

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