Blue Announces Ella, Sadie and Satellite Headphones @ CES 2017

  1. rikk009
    Oh! I am sorry, I meant Sadie since Mofi is replaced by Sadie. What is the difference between Sadie and Mofi?
  2. AlwaysForward
    Sadie is the sequel to Mo-Fi and they're more alike than different. They both have almost the same exact set of features and drivers. The core differences are that the Sadie has the updated headband and has been tuned to have more clarity in the treble. Sadie also uses the second generation of on-board power amplifier which Blue says is an improvement. Cheers!
  3. rikk009
    Is there any detailed review and comparison between them?
  4. Roll
  5. rikk009
    I got the Mofis. I have mixed feelings. Will give it more time.

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