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Blue Announces Ella, Sadie and Satellite Headphones @ CES 2017

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  1. AxelCloris Administrator
    Blue has just announced their newest dynamic headphone, the Blue Sadie. The Sadie is aimed straight at today's mobile user. Many music lovers use laptops and cell phones as their primary music source and Blue designed a headphones specifically for them. Blue describe the Sadie as "...a headphone that liberates digital music from overhyped playback so you can enjoy true high fidelity on your laptop and mobile devices." With its improved built-in amplifier and redesigned comfort, the Sadie is poised to capture both fans of the original Blue MoFi as well as those who have yet to experience it.
    BlueEllaandSadie-01604.jpg    BlueEllaandSadie-01637.jpg
    (Blue Sadie)​
    Surprisingly, Blue has also announced their first planar magnetic headphone, the Blue Ella. Ella uses a 50mm by 50mm planar membrane in place of the 50mm dynamic driver found inside Sadie. Because of the unique shape of planar drivers the engineers at Blue had to design an all new driver enclosure. Inspiration was taken from high end speaker cabinets to give what Blue describe as "...a rich, extended soundstage." Like other models in Blue's line, the Ella has its own built-in amplifier, one that delivers 250mW to the custom-matched drivers. Because of the amount of work that goes into creating these headphones, they're not mass produced but rather hand assembled by craftsmen in small quantities.
    BlueEllaandSadie-01659.jpg    BlueEllaandSadie-01671.jpg
    (Blue Ella)​
    Both of these headphones feature Blue's suspension headband system. While they may share styling cues with Blue's MoFi and Lola, I have to say that the Ella and Sadie are so much more attractive to my eye. We have both of these news models at Head-Fi HQ and we'll be posting more about them soon.
    The last announcement Blue has is their first wireless headphone, the Blue Satellite. The Satellite may be the first headphone from Blue to ditch the wires, but it's also the first with a fresh take on design. It has a 4-driver system with two custom 44mm dynamic drivers and its own original aesthetic. If you're wondering why they went for a 4-driver system, well that's where the minds at Blue show their creativity again. The Satellite is Blue's first headphone with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), and unlike most noise canceling headphones, the Satellite uses one driver for music and a second to actively cancel outside noise. To round it off there's a built-in analog amplifier and a 3.5mm connection for wired listening should the batteries run out.
    satellite-black-productfeatures-desktop.png    satellite-white-productfeatures-desktop.png
    Blue Satellite in Black and White​
    There's no official release date or pricing currently available for the Satellite, but you can sign up to receive notifications on Blue's website.
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  2. akg fanboy
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  3. Libertad
    The ella is very interesting
  4. RockStar2005
    Wow!! Thanks for sharing Axel. These look awesome!!
  5. RockStar2005
    Just did. Thanks akg! lol
    I kinda wish they would do an update to the Lola though. The concept of an on-board amp is awesome, but I prefer the Lola b/c it was lighter b/c no amp but still sounded like the "best" sound mode the Mo-Fi has. But both of these new regular headphones have amps in them. 
    50 x 50mm?? Huh?? lol
    So akg which one would u get? The Sadie or the Ella (assuming they were both LIGHT lol)? How about you Axel??
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  6. akg fanboy
    I think the ella being a planar is very interesting but personally I would probably go for the sadie because because it is a dynamic driver meaning the headphone will probably be lighter and potentially have a soundstage closer to the lola... but both have a built in amp so light is a far cry for both
  7. RockStar2005
    Interesting. Yeah I've read that planar magnetic headphones can be heavier. 
    I had the Oppo PM-3 planar magnetic headphones a while back. I really don't think PM brings anything extra to the table. My AKG headphones ALL sounded better than the PM-3, which was like double to triple the price too. 
    Ok then I'd prob pick Sadie too. Wait, dynamic drivers also have bigger soundstages than PM drivers??!
    Haha I know. I was just saying "light" hypothetically so you HAD to give me an answer. LOL 
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  8. akg fanboy
    Yeah most planars historically have a very shallow soundstage. The he560/he1000 and the new ether flow kind of fix this issue but still nowhere near k812/hd800 and those planars are very expensive anyways
  9. RockStar2005
    Wow. I'd give u a reputation for that but Head-Fi says I've reached my limit for the day. LOL Don't get why they even have a limit anyway??
    I C. Well then I DEFINITELY would pick the Sadie then. F PMs. lol Soundstage is KEY to attaining magical sound quality IMO. 
    I do recall that my PM-3 didn't have a great soundstage too. But same went for other non-PM headphones I had at that same price level ($400). But yeah, give me the Sadie then. 
    Axel you say the Sadie and Ella look different from the MoFi and Lola, but aside from color, I don't really see it? Please elaborate. I think they all look cool. lol
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  10. akg fanboy
    wow headfi has a limit? lol. I don't think I ever reached it but here, a reputation for you instead since you couldn't give me one LOL
    Yeah I'm all about that soundstage. If the sadie does not have a great soundstage.... I will be very sadie [​IMG] 
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  11. RockStar2005
    Weird, all of a sudden it let me do one for you now? Weirdo site. lol 
    Yes, so shall I. lol But I bet with 50mm speaker drivers it will since the Lola ALSO had 50mm and its soundstage was epic (like AKG's). lol 
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  12. AxelCloris Administrator
    In my second photo of the Sadie above you can see that there's a backlight behind the grill that I absolutely love. It's soft, but noticeable. While on that topic, the grill covers are completely different from the ones found on the Lola and MoFi. Then of course there's the obvious color differences too, and brown leather? Yes please! I think all of these changes combined have given the Ella and Sadie a more classy appearance.
    Edit: and to answer your earlier question, the Ella is listed as having a 50mm x 50mm driver because planars are square, not round like conventional dynamic drivers.
  13. shurealltheway
    They are for sale right now at atlasproaudio.com

  14. RockStar2005
    Ok, I see the difference on the grill covers. It has more "color" to it than the MoFi and Lola do. Yeah the brown leather is nice too. 
    No I agree, it was wise of Blue to give the new line of headphones their own unique look............AND make this hilarious ad. LOL 
    Any idea what the sensitivity is on the Lola by any chance? The impedance is 42 ohms, but I can't find the sensitivity info ANYWHERE. I even e-mailed Blue about it a couple days ago, but still no reply as of yet. 
    Oh ok. Didn't know that. Thanks!
  15. RockStar2005
    Nice. I also see that Blue's site has them too. $399 for the Sadie? I guess that makes sense since they're new and have the on-board amp too. 
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