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Black Sennheiser Hd414 pads for grado

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by gm325i, Feb 6, 2012.
  1. GM325i
    So everyone loves the fit and sound of the Hd414 pads but not everyone wants them in yellow, myself included. After dying the gas tank on my dirt bike gas tank I was inspired to try this on some pads.
    Here's the plan: Buy some black powdered die from Walmart, mix it in water, boil it then submerge the pads till they are fully blackened like the original grado pads.
    Sound like a good idea to anyone else? 
  2. ostewart
    go for it and tell us the results, the worst that can happen is you get black ears :)
  3. Lurkumaural
    If it's Rit dye, I think it won't rub off as long as you've washed it after dyeing.  At least, the yellow Game of Death jumpsuit I made for my kid when he was one and a half (he had the dopest yellow cardboard nunchuks too... love Rit dye), and the renewed black tees I've done have yet to leave their mark on our skin.  Fingers crossed.
    Someone here Rit dyed their (I think) NuForce stand.  From white or grey or something to a nice matte black.  There's a thread with pictures.  So I'm very optimistic for your Senn pad mod.
    On my HD 424, I happen to think yellow is the only color that will look good.  For Grados I'd probably dye also: black, or a nice rich orange.
  4. fabio-fi
    Op, it seems like you're not the only one
  5. Lurkumaural
    A search is an excellent idea
    Summary:  Rit dye works.  Get a fixative called Retayne if you can.  Otherwise, someone's mom said a rinse in water and vinegar will help lock in the dye.
    Black dye fail.  End result was a pleasing earthy green though.
  6. GM325i
    Oh, I didn't even think to do a search, I thought I was being original :D

    Should have known. Anyways thanks for the info guys!

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