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Making the Sennheiser Hd414 Pads Black

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Is there a way to change these:


Into these? Gotta love my photoshop work lol


I want them to look more natural with my MS1's for cheap. Is there a way I can turn the yellow into a black color. If so can you teach me how to?

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You could try clothes dye. Not sure how well that material would take up the dye, but, you could let them sit a long time if necessary. Certainly does not cost a lot to try, although, if unsuccessful, it could look a bit funky! I have used dye on white foam with mixed results. It usually looks grey rather then black. I have no idea how yellow would dye.

BTW: You can get dye anywhere for little $$ (grocery store, kmart, etc...)

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This has been done before back in 2003 or so. Do a search for "vwap pads" and you should find some info. I believe he used clothes dye.




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I did this about a year ago.


make sure you get the right sort of dye so that it sticks to the foam. from memory you will need a clothes dye for synthetic materials. Also after they dry you'll need to wash them out heaps to avoid black ears.


its well worth doing this, the stock yellow looks really dorky.

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Yellow is dorky? Everything is black these days. I remain proud to sport the HD-414s now and then - they are great headphones - and you should embrace the 1970s look which seems to be increasingly fashionable today. Be careful with dyes. I cannot help but be reminded of the time the UCLA basketball team (under the control of Steve Lavin, no less) had the bright idea of dyeing their headbands black before a game. The dye mixed with sweat and dripped into their eyes, with predictable results. You don't want to be like that.
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My old Sennheiser HD410SL came with yellow earpads, and I lament the fact that replacements from Sennheiser are now black!

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I use the HD414 pads on my MS2is, the yellow is great! Not dorky at all. 

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haha seems I struck a nerve with the yellow comment. unfortunately I couldn't pull off the yellow look. but hats off to all the headfiers that do!

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I just tried to dye my hd414s for an MS1 mod and it was an epic fail. I used a tin of Dylan clothes dye, let them sit for 5hrs in a bowl and when I took them out the lovely deep black colour they had aquired bled right out them! Any ideas?
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What material are they made of? Some material will not absorb a dye not matter how long they sit.

The only material I know you can dye consistently is cotton. And I am pretty sure they Not cotton. ;-)

Once any kind of synthetic enters the mix, well, hard to predict.
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I have it,




but only in photoshop... LOL

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