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Bill-P's Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro modding diary (including sibilance elimination)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bill-p, Mar 1, 2014.
  1. Armaegis
    The Beyer family are generally easy to disassembly. Pull off the pads, take off the retaining ring and driver assembly, stuff fluffy things into the cups. Put the driver back on, maybe stuff another thin layer of felt or whatever under the pads. Done.
  2. Voxata
    Gave these mods a try, I'm still working on front damping methods to suit my preference but.. overall very good thus far. As a side note for rear felt I used an extra set of stock driver front foams, black side facing the rear of the driver (liked it better) even though bass quantity took a hit. Thanks for the ideas Bill, I'm tuning the sound quite a bit from your original mods so far.

  3. crispswish

    Hi Bill, nice mod! I'm looking forward to trying this out myself, however I have a few questions that I would like to ask you.

    1. Does your first mod with the dynamat bring out the midrange?

    2. Does this frequency graph contain the results of both your 1st and 2nd mod?

    3. Does the 2nd mod raise the midrange other than lower the treble?

    4. Do you put the stock felt pads that came with the headphone on top of 5 new layers of materials? Or is the shelf liner exposed after everything is done?

  4. AndreP
    Hi all

    Thanks for the mod details. I've used this on a Beyer Custom Studio and enjoy the results. I've not used a shelf liner layer in my mods.

    Answer to Q4 above - the stock grey/black foam disc is the last thing to put back, before you replace the plastic retaining ring (and then pads).

    I used 3 layers of paper and 2mm felt. I noticed a lot less bass when using the paper layers against the driver - so switched my order to have the 2mm felt against the driver, followed by the paper layers and then the stock foam disc on top.

    I hope this helps someone.
  5. dev0lver
    hi all
    i just started to fiddle around with my new dt770s, and just got into modding
    i have yet to try the inside mass loading and damping of the driver and the cup (because of loosing warranty, i am holding that one off for now), but for now i started with front damping and angled leather pads (which will arrive to me in few days)
    so far i am using 1 paper towel, which i had at home and shelf liner, stock pads atm, and i like the change, i tried putting also microfiber cloth (the ones for wiping your glasses), but i don't prefer that much muffling, so 1 paper and shelf is enough for me
    maybe the microfiber cloth is too dense and messes up the sound, making it more muffled
    but i have seen this on ebay today, how would that work for modding ??
    lets say to use 4mm pad on front instead of paper, felt and shelf liner, and thinner pad inside
    or thinner outside and thicker inside
    has someone maybe tried something similar ??
  6. Voxata
    I dunno, I wouldn't fear loading the rear.. these headphones are dirt cheap and tanks. They sound great for what they are, however as a closed back I only use mine for LAN events now. After loading rear I had to close up the bass ports halfway though...
  7. dev0lver
    well unfortunately, they are not that cheap here where i live, and finding one used, and under price, is quite a task
    since i can't have open back headphones, these dt770s are now my best option which i can have
    and loading the rear is a mod which i highly want to try, but my main problem is that i have the headphones for half a year now, and i still have 2 and a half year of warranty on them, and that is the reason i am on the edge for that mod
    i highly doubt that something will go wrong with them in those 3 years, but you never know...
  8. Voxata
    If you mod be sure you don't slide the felt ring completely down towards the speaker, leave a bit up top so it can be snug up on the rear of the cup. This is important.
  9. dev0lver
    and the reason to do that is to control the bass, or to say, to reduce it, because the driver will have less air to work with ??
    i am hearing that thing for the first time, and i didn't tried it on my set, since i still don't have damping mod installed
  10. Voxata
    Well, I had to redo the bass ports as the bass became overpowering for me. I don't use my 770 but a couple times a year for LAN events but it needs a lot of tuning to make decent compared to other offerings out there.
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  11. vanderzee
    thanks for the post
    Loved the felt+shelf liner mod. It really reduced the trebble, my 770's are so much nicer to use now
    Only instead of the paper towel i used 2 layers of Nonwoven cleaning wipes

    later on i will do the dynamat mod

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