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Beyerdynamic Xelento!

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  1. twister6 Contributor
    Yes, that's what I meant, to include encoder part of the codec on the source :wink:

    But either way, yeah would make sense for Beyer to release this bt cable as a standalone product, except they have to be sure mmcx connectors are universal and compatible with all iems. But releasing it together with Xelento takes some pressure off connector compatibility since now you are using it at your own risk :wink:
  2. scarfacegt

    How are these compared to shure se846? I had the shure se846 before.But sold them last year.I regret i sold those.Because they had good noise isolation.Im listening a lot to music in the car.I dont have licence,and its my wife driving.She listening to music on the cars stereo a little loud.And the headphones i have owned or own,are terrible bad for blocking out noise.The only one working is my daughters bose qc35.But of course,my daughter are using them,and i think they sound somewhat borring.The sure se846 was perfect at noise isolation.The shures came out in 2013,so i might try somethink new on the market.I have an focal elear that i might sell,to budget a new iem (the focals hardly get used.To much noise when you are an family.lol). I have looked at xelento and the audiofly af1120 (they got also good reviews.But the only grip is that they look CHEAP,and poor quality on materials?). I live in norway,so i dont have so many top end iems to buy here.And i cant demo them here where i live.Im not interesting buying another shure se846.Noot interesting in the sennheiser ie800 either.So it comes down to xelento and audiofly 1120 (wich by the way is a little cheaper than the xelento).I listen to all kind of music.But mostly rock and a lot of electronica.I like a little warmt sound signature and a lot of micro details.I dont like hars/clinical sound like the hd800s :p Anyone have any suggestion?
  3. obsidyen
    Tell your wife to play the music that you like. Problem solved, 1000 Euro saved. :beyersmile:
    Peter Hyatt, potatoe94 and scarfacegt like this.
  4. batracom
    I have a feeling that the fit issues some (including myself) are experiencing with the right-ear piece is due to the stock cable. My non-remote stock cable is taut and tense on the left piece, which has a good seal, while it remains loose on the right-side, which is effectively conducive to a shallow and loose seal. I am trying other cables in the next few days, to see if they make a difference in this regard. You might wish to verify this while wearing your Xelentos - whatever I do, I can't get the right-cable to remain tense around my right ear.
    If so, one could assume that the stock cable has a design flaw. Thank goodness for fully removable cables and MMCX connectors!
  5. scarfacegt
    lol.well problem would be solved if it wasnt for the crapy stereo in the car too.peugot 307 2007 modell.Its just painfull to listen to.
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  6. obsidyen
    Ok you convinced me, get a Xelento. :beerchug:
  7. kms108
    Beyerdynamic doesn't care about other IEM, whether you call the MMCX universal or not, as long as it's works for their brand, also, i'm sure the wireless cable is sold as a package unit, so, the wirless cable will only be sold as a spare accessories.
  8. echineko
    I'm not sure at all, about the second part. From my discussion with one of the product managers at Canjam Singapore, they were still considering the demand for such a wireless cable accessory, and surveyed most of the people who attended the mini launch about it. At that point he also mentioned there were some plans in the works, and it could be offered as a separate option as well.

    Who knows what they have decided by now, but it certainly does seem possible to be offered separately, let's wait and see when it starts being available.
    kms108 likes this.
  9. kms108

    From their description page, it's only available as a whole package, like purchasing a new set of IEM, and yes, they might sell them as a optional accessories later on, but not a off the shelve purchase, but it won't be cheap, if you are a true audiophile, you probably won't consider it, since you won't get hi res SQ from BT unless it's LDAC, even QC alternative won't get you excellent Hi SQ.

    From What I have gathered, the Xelento wired in Hong Kong has been discontinued, and the remote version hasn't been released yet, may be they are waiting for the wireless version, but i'll stick with wired to be used with my ZX 2 and end of the year when I get the WM1A or if they release a newer version by then.
  10. GitBash
    Would you buy the xelento or the jh angie II?
    Peter Hyatt likes this.
  11. echineko
    I used to own the non-metal jacket Angie, and I would certainly take the Xelento over it. Actually, I did :p
  12. scarfacegt
    anyone compared these tho the shure se846?
  13. kms108

    I get a tight fit for both sides, it has a solid click which is good, but the right side does turn, but not loose, you know what I mean, whiles the left side stay put and does not turn, is that what you mean, BTW I have the first generation Xelento.
  14. scarfacegt
    How are the xelentos for electronic music?
  15. potatoe94
    Canjam Singapore last year , i nearly paid for the Angie ii on the spot because they sounded really really attractive over the newly released Rosie .Canjam Singapore this year , i dropped pre-order price on the Xelento Remote because of their lively yet intimate tuning , no other iem impressed me as much as the Xelento's did that day on a price-performance ratio .

    I may have forgotten how Angie ii sounds , but i think you should A-B them again before making a purchase this costly :p
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