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Beyerdynamic Xelento!

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  1. Scblacksunshine
    Will be getting my Xelento next week, really want to see how it compares to my K3003. So far been really liking the K3003 but always curious to try something new especially where there are many positive reviews about it. Guess either the K3003 will be up for sale or Xelento is going back. One thing I do love about the K3003 is the treble, timbre and soundstage, at times with bad recording, it can be a bit too analytical let's see how it Xelento when it comes to not so great recordings.
  2. scarfacegt
    Not sure if the xelento is something for me.I like an warm and detailed sound.And good bass.I asked an hifi store of their opinion.And they told me that shure se 846 was the way to go,if i was afraid of too bright/analyctical sound.I already have owned shure se846,and want to try something new.I think maybe the audiofly af1120 could be something.It got a very good review here in norway


    Anyone tested the xelentos and audiofly? My only grip of the audiofly,is that it seems it got poor quality and looks cheap (after what ive read on the audiofly thread)
  3. csglinux
    For detail, I think it's a win for the Xelento - it has better treble extension (better even than the SE846 with the brown Knowles dampers mod). I never hear or worry too much about differences soundstage. A wide soundstage is an artifact that an IEM shouldn't give - not unless you have a proper binaural recording. I may be a bit unconventional in that regard, but I love the IEM experience of the sound coming from inside my head - as long as it has the clarity and detail. And if I want a genuinely accurate wide soundstage, I use this software: https://fongaudio.com/out-of-your-head-trial-download/ Dynamics are a wash - they're both excellent headphones in this regard.

    Be happy you can't get customs. They're massively over-rated, IMHO, for many reasons: 1) Despite what you might have been told, they will never give you the same level of isolation that you'll get from a UIEM with something like Comply foam tips. (The people that tell you otherwise are simply the ones who couldn't get a proper seal with foam tips. Measurements don't lie and aren't subjective!) 2) They're a total crapshoot in terms of FR. Your ear canals and conchal bowls are unique - as a result, the length of the tubes running from the drivers to your eardrums will also be unique to you. So you'll never know where those resonant peaks are going to land until those customs finally arrive in the post. And then if you don't like the way they sound, good luck getting a refund. 3) Good luck re-selling them when it's time for an upgrade.

    Those last two sentences are exactly how I'd describe the Xelento. It's certainly detailed. No way is it shy on bass. These sound like your perfect headphone?! :gs1000smile:

    @twister6 - I don't want to derail this thread, so pm is on its way to you about measurements...
  4. scarfacegt

    Well,then i might consider the xelentos again :) Been checking out the audioflys on the web this evening.And they are no option for me anymore.Talked to an guy that had demoed them.And he was really dissapointed.Quality isuess with the cable and other stuff.So no,dont want to pay 699 dollars,for something that seems to have really poor quality.Now i only have to think about either selling my elears and get the xelentos or kepping the elears and wait to later.The elears sounds fantastic.But with little time alone,i dont get to use them so often.Its been nearly six-seven weeks since i used them last.

    Ps:How are the isolation on the xelentos? This is really important to me. :D
  5. csglinux
    Pretty much like any other ported IEM, i.e., not that great. If you need isolation, the SE846 might be a better choice for you.
  6. chortya
    I am new to the high end IEMs, how would Xelento compare to the RHA t20i and the usual over ear closed headphones like Beyerdynamics DT1770Pro which I own and love?
  7. Gilles De Rais
    Just a suggestion for those seeking comparisons, the Astell and Kern AK T8ie threads have a number there. The AK is the original version of the Xelento and similar enough in sq to get an idea of how the Xelento will sound against other iems.

  8. Gilles De Rais
    Made a comment in the K3003 thread about the difference between the K3003 and the Akt8ie mkii ( the Astell & Kern version of the Xelento). You can find it here https://www.head-fi.org/f/threads/a...ystem-headphone.554628/page-251#post-13241158


  9. twister6 Contributor
    Full size Tesla driver meet your mini-me :D

    Peter Hyatt and zeddun like this.
  10. zeddun
    I had a chance to listen to the 2nd Gen T5p briefly at Axpona 2017 at the Beyer exhibit. I like the new sound tuning (warmer signature, better bass than the original). If I was in the market for a full sized closed portable headphone it would certainly be on my short list.
    Last edited: May 14, 2017
  11. GitBash
    Do you need an amp to drive these? or a samsung S6 will sound good?
  12. zeddun
    With a rated 16 ohm impedance and 110 db sensitivity, the Xelentos should be fairly easy to drive out of any smartphone or tablet. Even the weak headphone amp in my Nintendo Switch can drive the Xelentos without any problems. The Xelentos sound good plugged directly into my iPhone 6S and iPad Air but sound a little flat and lifeless compared to using them with my higher end sources such as my Sony ZX2 DAP, Aurender Flow, and Bacilius Tila desktop amp. I've never tried the Xelentos with a Samsung S6 so I cannot comment on that pairing (i.e. quality of headphone amp in the S6, output impedance of the S6 will you hear hiss when no music is playing etc).
  13. potatoe94
    I run them straight out of my Sony Z5 pretty often . Its one of those rare IEMs that sounds really really good out of a smartphone .

    My iFi iDSD Micro isnt getting much action from the xelentos . I've tried them with the entire AK lineup , the new pioneer X300 , X30 & Fiio X5iii .

    I love the AK70 & Xelento pairing and find them to be of best value together .
  14. Scblacksunshine
  15. Shure or bust
    I am curious how the k3003 does. I'd like to see the Xelento tested against the hifiman Re-800/ Re-2000.
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