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Beyerdynamic DT770 pro 32ohm

  1. Duelog
    Just recently acquired my first 'decent' headphones (dt770 pro 32 ohm), and while I am more than content with them, I have been messing around with the EQ so as to slightly increase the mid bass as well as some of the recessed mids. However, as I know little to nothing about equalization, can anyone recommend any preset (and application if possible for windows 10) for increased mid/upper bass and increased mids?

    EQ settings.jpg
  2. serman005
    How's the sub-bass going?
  3. Duelog
    It's good, although I'm struggling to find tracks which actually have good sub-bass as I primarily listen to future house and electronic music. The only good tracks where the sub-bass really stood out so far are A milli - Lil Wayne and the intro of The Greatest Showman sounded amazing on the headphones.

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