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Beyerdynamic DT770 80ohm Retuned???

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by magicman74, Sep 29, 2013.
  1. Magicman74
    Hey Dudes and Dudettes. So I went ahead and bit the bullet and bought another DT770 80ohm. I owned these a few years ago but sold them off rather fast. They had massive Bass, sucked out Mids, and Hot/Tizzy Treble. I thought these are good but way too much Bass. So a few years later I thought after all the reviews I'd buy a 250ohm instead, But they are basically the same sound as the first set of 80's I bought. I hung on to them anyway and have been using them for quite awhile, great set for the office.
     I run them off A Matrix M-Satge (Same as my first 80ohms).  Anyway, Long Story short, I was planning on buying another M50, Why?, I already have cans better but wanted something I could use as beaters. Then I remembered, the M50's really suck, sorry guys they do. Try higher end cans then you'll say the same. 
     So I went on the hunt for the 80's on ebay, I need the longer cord basically for my listening room. Placed an order Thursday and got them today. Two days, Fast!!!
     Plugged them in to the Matrix, Remember this is the exact same setup I used a few years ago with my first 80's. I've not changed anything.  Well let me tell you (Going off memory anyway) This new set sounds NOTHING like my first set. They hit hard down low of course but everything else is dead inline. I hear no Mid suck out and the Treble is smooth, I'm hearing no harshness at all.
     So my question, did Beyer do a fine tune on the DT line within the last few years?   I've not read or seen anything about it.
    I'd even go out and say these new 80's, Gulp!!! are quite balanced, not the horrible V-Shaped of my first 80's or my 250's.
    I'm shocked really..Personally I don't think I need to go any farther with cans, these 80's sound killer.  I'd say for anyone looking for a closed set under $200, The 80's are it man. They are going for $170. Yeah that's $20 more then a new M50. 
    It's not even a fair fight, for $20 the DT's are classed so much higher in sound,comfort, stage, hell everything!!!

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