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Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO - Beyer's open-back mastering headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Jul 19, 2016.
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  1. d1spatch
    Went with the Aphex Headpod 4...Thing is pretty sweet, just the ticket. Not only does it give these babies the juice they need, making everything sound incredibly crisp and clean, opening up the soundstage and giving the bass and everything else a great deal of tightness and definition, it allows me to plug in 3 other headphones to quickly switch between to either use or check mixes on. Awesome.
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  2. kse617
    Hey guys! First post on the forums :)

    Looking to upgrade my current HD 6XX to a pair of 1990s and I was wondering if my current O2+ODAC combo would be enough to reasonably enjoy them. Definitely looking into a DAC/amp upgrade somewhere down the line (I read a decent DAC + a Beyer A20 amp would be good, and possibly a Darkvoice 336) but first I'd like to see if my current setup would be enough.

    Any input would be really helpful as I can't find almost any info or experience online on the 1990s and the O2.
  3. Scutey
    Welcome to Head-Fi Kse617!. Can't comment on the O2+ODAC as I have never owned it, however the 1990 is more sensitive and slightly easier to drive than the HD 6XX so if you find your 6XX are driven well then you should have no trouble with the 1990, as for other amps, I have owned the A20 but not used it with the 1990, should pair well though, I have got the DV 336 and that works really well with the 1990, the bass with this combo is fantastic, you may find the highs a bit sparkly at first coming from the 6XX, personally I find them just right and they are definitely not as bright as other Beyers, the 336 does do a good job of taming the highs if you do find them a bit bright.
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  4. kse617
    I'll definitely keep the O2+ODAC combo for some time then to try it out with the 1990, thanks for your reply!
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  5. Scutey
    No problem, they should go well.
  6. d1spatch
    Nice. O2 should be good. A lot of it will come down to your personal listening preferences. Some don't mind the sparkly treble, for what I listen to though it often gives too much prominence to things like hi-hats, so I often use an EQ. Some people also prefer the balanced pads, I would say the majority? I personally like them both equally, I appreciate the added separation and soundstage the A pads offer, while the richer tonality and more engaging sound of the B pads is enjoyable as well.
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  7. gkl
    Got my replacement DT 1990 Pro today... and it rattles again. **** this. Left earpiece is fine but right is rattling. How unlucky can one get, seriously? So mad right now...
  8. d1spatch
    Sounds fairly odd...I remember when I first got mine, I was kinda messin around with them inspecting the build quality and noticed that the way the earcups torqued within the headband apparatus was kinda interesting. If you look inside you see theres a piece of plastic just within the headband thing which may be what is hitting other parts inside as it turns. I remember applying a decent amount of pressure to one of the cups turning it and hearing some rattling sounds. So, you could either jiggle it around and turn it and see if you can get it to sit right, or if you think that is too risky just return it again I guess...bummer.
  9. gkl
    This is definitely weird since I've never previously had any issues with quality of Beyerdynamics.
    I checked out the headband parts and that doesn't seem to be the source of the rattle - it's inside the earcup. Not sure whether I feel like getting a third return or just ask my money back... Bah, so disappointing.
  10. cardeli22
    You got yours from Amazon.it, correct? Mine came from Amazon.it as well and no rattle problems. I know the early 1770pros and some 1990pros had the rattle issue. Mine was purchased around mid October.
  11. Slim1970
    I just checked my pair and I'm not getting a hint of rattle. I even turned up the volume to see if I could force something to resonate and nothing. I'm not sure what's going with your pair but it's very unfortunate. They are great sounding headphones.
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  12. Scutey
    It would certainly seem like you have been very unlucky, I guess it's possible they may have come from the same build batch.
  13. gkl
    Well, I guess one has to be super lucky to be this unlucky. :D To returns we go!

    Thanks for letting me know about the bad batch - might have come from that, who knows.
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  14. cardeli22
    No problem. Hopefully you get a good replacement (if you go for another replacement). The headphone really is great sounding.
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  15. phandrew
    I currently have the DT990 and i'm thinking of buying the DT1990. Can anyone who has both give me a comparison between both as I can't really access the DT1990 atm to try it out myself.
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2018
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