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Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO - Beyer's open-back mastering headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xero1, Jul 19, 2016.
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  1. cardeli22
    Maybe I missed it in this thread but I couldn't find it in a google search, Can anyone recommend a good tube amp that pairs well with the 1990s?
  2. Scutey
    I use my 1990's with a Darkvoice 336se and a Feliks Elise, both pair very well with the 1990.
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  3. cardeli22
    The sexiness of the Elise. A fella can dream. lol
  4. Scutey
    Lol, well I was dreaming too until 2 months ago, I managed to pick up a mint 1 year old example example for less than half price, so you never know!, anyway what about the Darkvoice?, that is a very good amp for a fraction of the Elise, also it will drive the 1990's with ease, I rarely go past the 9 o'clock position with my DV. DSC_0199.JPG
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  5. cardeli22
    Nice. Yeah I have been looking at the sale forums more and more. Really like the design of the bigger tubes on the darkvoice and the Elise.
  6. Scutey
    The bigger tubes at the back DSC_0211.JPG
    are the power ST or "coke bottle" shape 6AS7G, they give a nice spacious, airy, "tubey" sound., they also look great lit up at night!.
  7. cardeli22
    So how safe is the darkvoice? I saw a thread on another site about how you may need to store a fire extinguisher near it at all times.
  8. Scutey
    They can get quite hot depending on what tubes you're using, the 6080 type power tube (straight sided and smaller than the 6AS7G) runs hotter than the 6AS7G type, (most of the heat comes from the power tube at the back), also using a socket saver helps to cool it down a bit, but I have never had any problems with mine. Here is a link to the Darkvoice tube rolling thread, if you are interested this should give you all the info you will need on the DV.
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  9. cardeli22
    Awesome, thanks.
  10. Rallyket
    Im new to this forum but i have been checking out this topic for a while.
    I just bought myself a pair of these (DT 1990 pro) and i have a question about dac\amp.
    Now i have a NAD D1050 and the sound was a big upgrade from my (DT 770 Pros).
    The question is do i need a headphone amp while im using the NAD just as a DAC ?
    And if so which amp ? With Tubes ?
  11. nicdub
    Not sure you would need it, since the NAD has a headphone amplifier built in (obviously), but the higher impedance of the dt1990 (250 ohm) could benefit from a good OTL tube amp, like the Project Horizon from Garage1217. It's hard to find the output power specs for the NAD online, but if you think it sounds good, then I wouldn't spend the extra money unless you just want to see how tubes would sound. I've been using the ALO Pan Am with my Beyers, and it certainly adds a bit of bloom. However, if you are not wanting to use the NAD as a headphone amp, then you could start with something from Schiit, even the Magni 3 or Vali 2 would power it well.
  12. Rallyket
    Thanks for the response :) i have been reading alot around and found out that the NAD could be enough but i would like to try out a tube amp and using the NAD as a DAC :)
    Been reading up some of the Schiit product and i think im gonna give it a try :)
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  13. d1spatch
    Just amazed at how good these sound. Too bright for me without EQ, but man when you use EQ, these things are gorgeous sounding.
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  14. gkl
    Hey guys, just got a pair. They sound absolutely fantastic, love em! Though, one minor issue - when I shake or turn my head, i hear some creaking/rattling in both earpeaces. Have you got the same? Can't really pin point what could be it and would really like to avoid returning them...
  15. Scutey
    I have had mine nearly six months and they are creak and rattle free, I guess it depends how bad the creaking/rattling is, and whether it affects the sound, really a top notch pair of headphones like the 1990's shouldn't be doing that, really depends on whether you are prepared to put up with it, are they new or second hand?.
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