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Beyerdynamic DT-1770: Product Info, Discussion and Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vartan, Aug 5, 2015.
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  1. RockStar2005
    I like your post ALMOST as much as I like your avatar. lol :L3000:
  2. Lasakro
    Will the Schiit Magni 3 with it's .43 watts and 11.36 volts at 300 ohms per channel be enough to make the 1770 shine? I recall a few pages back someone mentioning that it really needs the more than double the output as found with the Lyr 2.
  3. ledzep
    It's got more than enough power don't worry
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  4. Fastknight45
    How comfortable are the pads on the 1770 ?
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  5. ledzep
    They are ok but I've bought the Dekoni sheepskin ones which are an excellent choice
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  6. ZMG885
    The Lyr 2 vs Magni 3 for the DT1770:

    Both can deliver enough power for loud volume, at least to me. What separates the Lyr 2 from the Magni 3 is the clean head-room available that seems to open up the dynamic delivery of the DT1770s. In addition, the Lyr 2 brought the mid-range more forward and balanced than the Magni 3 managed, and with a smidge more clarity and detail. Tonality was very similar. My Lyr 2 also had upgraded tubes, that were clear, but not overally bright comparied to stock, and but could not be called warm; neutral and transparent.

    My conclusion was the DT1770s did benefit from having more power on tap with the Lyr 2 and the tube/hybrid style amp seemed to bring out just what the DT1770s needed to shine. At the same time, my Grado RS2e and Grado style Symphones V8 build didn’t not benefit from the Lyr 2’s power or tube goodness over the Magni 3, perhaps because they are much lower impedance and easier to drive. And unfortunately, I never got to try a Valhalla 2 with the DT1770s, as I got a decent deal on the Lyr 2 and it seemed for versatile for my needs.
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  7. RockStar2005
    They were pretty good, but yeah, the Dekoni sheepskin ones are amazing! lol I would highly recommend them to anyone buying the DT Beyer headphones.
  8. Fickle-Friend
    Hello guys, I'm buying the DT1770 pro 250 Ohm to mate with the LG V30. Can I please ask a few questions, I've been a member here for a long long time and its been ages since I bought something new.

    1. Can you recommend a cable upgrade to stock cables?
    2. Do they require a burn in period or do they sparkle out of the box? If so, how long? What burn in applications do you recommend?
    3. Any recommendations for pad upgrades too?

    Thank you so much. I'm very glad to be back on the scene in 2018.
  9. amahikas
    Hi I am using DT 1770 PRO for 3 years and I love it.
    I use ORB Clear force and FURUTECH iHP-35X II. Clear force is a better cable for me.
    It took me about 50 hours to burn in, but 1770 sounded good from the time I opened the box.
    Recently I started using YAXI pads for K240SE. The sound doesn't change so much but IMO the original pad is more bright.
    The good thing for YAXI pad is, it is easy to take the pad on and off.

    I am not sure if LG V30 can drive 1770.
    I used iPhone and nano iDSD or HERUS+ before with 1770, but now I use Cayin i5 and OPUS #3 with 1770. Which is much better for me.
    I hope you enjoy 1770.
  10. Fickle-Friend
    Thank you for the reply friend, can I ask where you got the Orb Clear Force from? I'm having some difficulty in finding it, seems like a Japanese Domestic Market model? Sounds great, I'll be happy to purchase this cable and get back to the group with my impressions over stock cable after burn in.
  11. amahikas
    Yes I purchased clear force in Japan.
    I could find some models in amazon.com but I can't find the mini 3pin XLR model.
    The seller seems to be "Newsbridge storefront", so I suggest you to ask if they can sell mini 3pin xlr model.(https://www.orb.co.jp/audio/products/minixlr.html)

    IMO the stock cable is very good, but it is too long to use out of doors.
    FURUTECH iHP-35X II is the perfect match to use out of doors, because the length is 1.2m.
    And the sound is also the same with the stock cable.
    ORB Clear force's cable is quite hard to bend so it's not good for use in out of doors but the sound is the best.
    Treble is more bright and I it feels more open.
  12. aklwarrior
    V30 drives the DT1770Pro easily, no worries and they match perfectly.

    I did a custom cable myself with Amphenol connectors and Sommer Goblin cable. It is 1.35m long as it is the perfect length for me. Sounds much detailed than the stock cable and it has more clarity.

    I made a burn in session for ~70 hours after purchase. The DT needs it, because during the burn in the SQ was very 'hectic' for my ears.

    I am about to order the Dekoni Sheep leather pads to give it a try.
    I already applied the already mentioned mod - removed the inner protecting net. It brings a difference for sure.
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  13. RockStar2005
    Nice! That's my now former setup as I just traded in my LG V30 for the new OnePlus 6T. An awesome setup nonetheless!

    After having owned and auditioned SEVERAL premium headphones over the last 4 years, I can say with great confidence that the DT 1770 Pro is as incredible as it gets for premium headphones.

    1) I felt the 10' stock cable was too long, so I went and bought this 4' cable, and am VERY happy I did! Sounds great, though I only switched b/c of the length. I don't hear any difference in sound. But to me the convenience of the shorter cable is worth the price alone.

    2) I don't believe in burn-in anymore. I honestly believe that "period" is simply just your ears getting used to the sound signature of the headphones you're listening to. So my answer is no. For me, my DT 1770 Pros didn't really begin sounding as magical as they do now until I applied my own custom made EQ. I strongly recommend it to everyone. I have snapshots of not only my main EQ, but also 4 other versions which have different variations in bass (mids & treble are the same), including one called "Bass Train" which is for listening in noisy environments like trains. I've tested all of these out extensively BTW.

    Also note the "dip" in the pre-amp band. I did this so to keep the high-end/treble region under bay when the volume is raised up. I created these snapshots in Poweramp, and recommend you use that as your player. (Note: The main EQ is the one entitled "Beyerdynamic DT 1770"). I typically use the Bass or Bass+ ones the most actually. When compared to "No EQ" or even the "Rock" preset, I find my EQs to be superior and REALLY show off what the DT 1770 Pro is capable of. You can access them here. Or simply import this settings file I created into Poweramp (I can send a link to explain how if needed) and it will automatically add ALL of my EQs instantly! I would recommend downloading the BETA version of Poweramp (sign up via Google Play page for it) too as it has the better sound.

    If you decide to use any of them, please let me know what you think as I'm always open to some feedback.

    3) Even though I did like the stock pleather pads (not a fan of the velour ones as I feel they really put a dent in the bass impact), I ended up getting these upgrade Dekoni sheepskin pads and using them instead. I know someone in here who compared them to the Brainwavz sheepskin ones (which are slightly cheaper), and he felt the Dekoni ones were superior. So I couldn't recommend them more! SUPER comfortable and feel awesome!

    Between the incredible sound that my custom EQs bring to these headphones, and these Dekoni earpads, I many times find myself having to FIGHT..........myself...........to take these off my head! :L3000: lol

    Lemme know if you have any questions!
  14. dev0lver
    hi everyone, i would need some help
    is someone willing to take off and make some pictures of the fixing ring on DT 1770/1990 ?? - link for the part in question
    i am interested to see how it looks on the back side, were are the clips, to see how they are sized and to have a closer look at it
    if someone can snap some pictures and post them here, that would be great, because i am interested to see if i can use this ring on dt770s, to have a little bit more buffer and space for my ear
    looking at the official beyer page, it looks to me that it's the same one like in the DT 770/880/990, but just with the added lip for ear pad mounting

    so if someone is willing to make some detailed pictures of it, and provide some measurements of the ring, that would be nice
    thanks in advance for the help :)
  15. Wes S
    It's got the power, but it doesn't really bring out it's full potential. The best pairing I have found, is the Valhalla 2.
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