Beyerdynamic DT-1770 Mod Thread

  1. aaronbrownsound
    Magickman, covering the bass port did wonders for the bass so far. Thanks so much for sharing!
    I am now using the DT1770 headphones for recording purposes and isolation. I initially found the mids recessed, highs too subdued and low end too powerful.
    I ended up using leatherette pads for the best isolation, blu-tack to cover 70% the bass ports and removing the foam inserts. It's as neutral as I've gotten it with leatherette pads.
    Also, it sits best on my head with the L on 3 notches and right on 1 notch for some reason.
    Hope this helps someone else wanting a more neutral and forward sound with these.

    I tried removing the foam, which did improve the high clarity, but then the mids became so recessed in contrast that the tonal balance was way off IMO.
    So far, the best sound I've gotten is by covering the bass port with blutak right around 50% and leaving the pads in. At least this way the bass isn't drowning out the mids.
    Granted, I did all this today so my ears may need time to adjust to these things.
    Hope for a more neutral sound in these, but they seem more tuned towards pleasing and smiley curve usage so far. The stock bass is absurdly high with pleather pads!
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