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Dec 27, 2004
Hi guys..
I am not a huge audiophile, but I do definitely like to have good, clear sounding audio coming from my computer. Right now I have old speakers from a JVC CD player hooked up through an amplifier from an old cassette deck. It's kind of messy, and I thought maybe I'd get some good sound from some decent computer speakers.
I also have a usb audio interface/midi controller that has digital out and regular L/R output (dunno the specific term for that).. so I guess I could plug in another kind of speaker, too.
I'm not looking to spend a lot of money, though. Definitely no more than 200, and ideally less than 100.. I'm just wondering if there's some any great deal, ogod audio speaker solutions people know about.
(I use $20 ksc-75s with my ipod and am totally thrilled with the sound quality)
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Ive got logitech x-530 (I think the x-540s are the newer versions) and they are good for the money. I doubt they are considered audiophile gear but they've gotten me by when it comes to music, games and movies for the last year or 2. I think they cost $75 or something on newegg, but if you are prepared to spend 200 you can probably do better.
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I recommend the Logitech Z-3 or Z-4 (I have the Z3 and my mate has the Z4).
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thanks for the replies, guys.
I'm not really sure I want to go up as far as 200 at all yet.. just trying to get a sense of the field as it were. Really I just want some with the clarity of my 15 dollar koss headphones (maybe a taller order than it'd seem though)
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Swan M10
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Be sure to stay away logitech. I had Z4 and now i have z640 they are absolutely consist of big fluffy bass. I had ksc75 and i stopped listening music on pc because of that speakers.
You really should look for altec lansings. I heard them at a netcafe they sound much better than what i had.
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I would go for active monitors. Sweetwater has a bunch, most are out of your price range but not all. The Alesis M1 would probably be my choice if you cant spend more than $200.
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ugh, i had a post, and hit refresh by accident, ugh

behold, link pasta!

M-Audio reference monitors, i'm sure theres something in there that suits your needs
M-AUDIO - Reference Monitors

Altec Lansing for PC:
Altec Lansing > PC AUDIO > For Value & Sound > MX5021
Altec Lansing > PC AUDIO > For Style & Sound > FX6021
Altec Lansing > PC AUDIO > For Style & Sound > FX4021
Altec Lansing > PC AUDIO > For Versatility & Sound > VS4221
Altec Lansing > PC AUDIO > For Versatility & Sound > VS4121

the last two are great, down-firing mids (if you were wondering where the mids are coming from), very nice value for the cash, the aluminum ones ($249.95) sound great, but are physically bulky, and expensive

Bose for PC:
Bose Companion 3 Series II Multimedia Powered Speaker System - Computer Speaker Systems
Bose Companion 5 Multimedia Powered Speakers - Computer Speaker Systems

i know they both go somewhat over your budget, check compusa if they aren't sold out, etc, they aren't horrible products (just a tad overpriced)

Klipsch for PC:
ProMedia 2.1 - Computer Speakers, Computer Speaker System, PC Speakers
just an amazing quality product, great reproduction, good mids, strong bass, etc

i've heard these aren't half bad:,en although for the money you can do better (Klipsch, Altec, etc)

JBL for PC:
JBL Home Audio

if your amp/reciever isn't half bad and can handle the load, check out some bookshelf speakers:

Parts Express:pioneer S-HF41-LR 8" 3-Way Bookshelf Speaker Pair

RSX-5 --- Bookshelf Loudspeaker, Klipsch Reference Series
Bookshelf Speakers

Parts Express:MTX Monitor 60i Dual 6-1/2" 2-Way Bookshelf Speaker Pair

and yeah I will admit a few of these are blind suggestions, like the MTX, as far as everything else goes, I've heard most of them, own some of them, etc, they're all solid products (including Logitech), they just might not offer 100% perfect reproduction in the manner you'd like them to (for example if you want a lot of thumpy kicking bass, go for Logitech or Klipsch, if you want fairly neutral response (as neutral as you get for this money) go for Altec Lansing or JBL, including the discontinued Creature systems, which were quite nice)
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wow.. a lot to go through.
Swan seems to have some pretty sweet stuff, and I'm intrigued by M-Audio.
I have some money coming in now, too.. so I might be able to afford something a bit better. The Swan M200Mk2s just look amazing to me and I'm a little tempted.. but they might be a bit much as I also need a new chair.

I want something that's really good quality and will last me really long time. I'm not a bass junkie, but I like it to be pretty clear obv. I just like clear sound along all spectrums. not too worried about blowing out my eardrums with loudness either.. especially if i can get my pc to run a bit quieter.
any other opinions would be awesome.
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Altec Lansing ATP3 has been known to be one of the best cheap 2.1 speakers around

or try sourcing for Acoustic Energy Aego M. good clarity...but mostly suitable for slower songs... theyre supposedly horrible for loud music like rock and also action movies.

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